samuel - 11 months

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Holy cow.  It has almost been a year, folks!
He is feeling so much better now that he has his ear tubes in.  Thank God that was a much easier process than I was worried it would be.  Seriously only took them 10-15 minutes.  He is still teething up a storm, so there's some fussing that comes from that, but no more ear pain!  And, his hearing has drastically improved.  The doctor was way impressed with the change, so I'm super pleased.
Sam's new favorite sounds are clicking his tongue (constantly), flicking his tongue across his upper lip going lalalalala, and clicking the base of his tongue (which totally freaks me out because it sounds like he is choking!).
He has a new found love of hummus, chicken, naan bread, and pineapples.  Can't say I blame him.  We've just recently made the switch to cow's milk and he's digging it.  Now if I can just get him to switch over to sippy cups instead of his bottle we'd be set.  He's NOT a fan of the sippy.  If you've got a brand yours loved when you switched, let me know!!!
I'm in full on party planning mode for his 1st birthday.  We're going to be back in Wichita over Thanksgiving and will be having his party up there.  I'm soupa excited for friends and family to see this little guy.  They totally won't recognize him!
Going with a little fox theme.  I know, I know.  It's been done a million times over.  When we were at the zoo he was completely in awe of a little fox he saw, so a fox theme it was!

It's going to be simple since it's going to be out of town and I can't pack the car down with stuff, but I think it's going to turn out really cute.  I'll keep you guys posted with party projects as I get to them!
Looking Back:


  1. i can't believe he is almost 1! he is adorable! and love the invites!

  2. I can not believe it's been almost a year!!! He's adorable, and so are those invites!!!

  3. He's really starting to look like his sister.
    Those favorite snacks all sound like winners to me!
    The invitation is way too stinkin' cute.
    I had the HARDEST time getting Carter off the bottle. He was obsessed with it. He was older, ahem, like almost two. So this might not work with your little one, but one day he had it when we were in his room and he dropped it and it rolled under the bed where he couldn't see it. On the fly, I told him the fairies came and took it. I said the baby fairies didn't have any bottles and their mommies needed his to feed them. He never asked for the bottle again and told everyone that he gave his bottle to the baby fairies. Worth a shot. :)

  4. Darling!! I am also in disbelief that this little guy will be 1!! Where does the time go.....hope to see you guys over Thanksgiving.

  5. So sweet. He's getting so big. My Charlotte just turned one. Time really flies.

  6. Such a cutie! We just had a fox birthday for my boys whose birthdays are only a few days apart.


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