gold animal birthday candle | tutorial

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

In between taking care of sick kiddos, I've been busting out some more stuff for Sam's birthday party.
This gold fox birthday candle kinda has me giddy.

And seriously could not be easier.  Well, I guess you could glue the candle to the top if you wanted, then it would be SUPER easy ;)


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  1. LOVE this! where is the fox from- i am looking for some animals for a project and would love a fox!

  2. So smart and cute! Love the little stripe candle too.

  3. So Jeff cut down all of our trees out back and needless to say I wanted to keep everything single branch. Most of all I wanted to go out there with his chainsaw and cut a ton of the bigger logs like your little fox is standing on. Why??? Can I blame it on Grandpa?

  4. That is so stinkin cute!!!!!!!!!!!


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