onesie to t-shirt

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sam is getting too long for a lot of his onesies, but they still fit him everywhere else.  He's long and lean, baby!
A super simple fix and we're back in business and are getting a lot more wear out of his onesies.  Added bonus is that I actually prefer the look of the regular t-shirts to the onesies with pants or shorts.
Here's the tutorial that is so simple it's not really a tutorial.

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That's it.
Don't you just love a quickie??! ;)
I'll be back next week with a fun West Elm knockoff that I think you'll likey!


  1. Nice post! I used this pattern to make a bathing suit cover-up for my daughter. I did not cut down the middle of the front. Instead of a vest it is a dress. The way it gathers in the back allows for a little flair at the bottom. Super easy and super cute.



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