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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I've got a new project!
Mike told me he found a desk on Craigslist he thought might work for his new office (as in new house not close to completed, and have no clue if it will actually fit well in the space).  I took a look at it and told him to go ahead and snag it up.
It's really solid, and I like that it comes apart.  I didn't put it back together when I took these pictures, but there's a large back piece that attaches the two drawer sections together and a drawer that slides under the top between the two sections as well.

It needs some TLC, but I think he'll (for whatever reason, I've decided this furniture piece is a boy) turn out handsome in the end.
Unfortunately, TLC includes stripping.  Something I've never been good at.  *har har!*  Going to be giving the Citristrip gel a shot and see how that goes.
By the way, I TOTALLY heard you judging my filled-to-the-brim-with-crap garage that is peeking out from every angle behind the desk.  All I have to say is, that ain't nothing.  You should see the pulled back photos.  It's such a mess of things still in moving boxes and the daily randoms tossed haphazardly.  I'm sure they're are slithery creatures living underneath piles of boxes that I don't even want to know about.  Crap... I just gave myself goosebumps.
And, on a side note, I've replaced the granny panties I mentioned last week.  Yea!!!  Thank you guys so much for your feedback and recommendations!  Thinking my husband and I need to have a burn party for the oldies :D


  1. oooh what's the plan? it's nice and big and solid and yes a boy!

  2. What a great desk, so nice and solid!! I just finished a humungous table and Citristrip was my bestie. I have tried a few other strippers and that one is definitely my favorite. The big thing is to have patience and let it do it's job for 30 minutes. I ended up stripping my table twice because it didn't all come off with the first pass. Also I read somewhere about using a throw-away aluminum baking tin for the scraped off gunk, and tried that this time, it worked great.

  3. That's a honey of a desk. You will love Citristrip. It saves so much sweat.

  4. I totally read that last sentence as "bum" party. I was like, um, what the what.

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