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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The other day I saw an article from HGTV titled, The Most Controversial Design Trends Ever.  I figured I already knew what most of them were, but wanted to see what they had to say about it and how much of it I was guilty of.
Here's how I did.
Guilty.  There's one on the yellow pillow and two perched on top of the mirror in the hall.  And I just remembered there's even one on my blog. 
Guilty.  Looks like I'm not off to a very good start so far.
So... here's another one I'm guilty of.
Well crap.  Guilty again.  On a side note, this is a bad picture of him, he is looking gooood lately!  And, still alive.  Up top!!!

Son of a...  Guilty.
Got excited.  Thought I finally had a win, but no.  Guilty.
One on the wall.  One in the window.  Ugh.  Guilty.
Although they're currently not up in my house, I already have some I'm itching to put up in the new place.  So technically, guilty.
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Awesome.  I just ordered some big ones for Sam's birthday next month.
Oh come on!  I was going to do this in the pantry in the new place.  Sad face.
I could go on and on, and at the rate I'm at would be guilty of all of them.  At first I was slightly bummed to see that I'm so easily swayed by trends.  But the more I think about it, I really don't care.  It's not like every corner of my home is covered in chevron nor do I have birds staring at me at every turn.  What I do have makes me happy and I want to be surrounded by happy things in my home.  I'm guilty, so be it!
How do you guys feel about these design trends?  Are you guilty?  Are you so over some of them you could scream if you saw it done again?  It's ok, you won't hurt my feelings ;)


  1. Dang it, I'm guilty too! I'm with you too. Do what makes you happy and shows off your personality. Martha probably made up that list anyway!

  2. Since when are trends controversial? I know that you don't want to fill every room with a ton because it could soon be "outdated" but I say if you love it, so what?! Lol just not my idea of controversial :p

  3. I think you rocked all those trends in stylish ways with the perfect balance!

  4. oh i am pretty much guilty of all of them too in one way or another!!!

  5. I do have a bird staring at me at every turn. Literally, there is at LEAST one bird in every room. I even have a bird in my hallway. Completely guilty. Although, I was obsessed with birds before the Put A Bird On It phenomenon, so I don't think it counts. :o)

    I don't have any chevron, mostly because I was trying to NOT follow that trend. No mustaches. No barn doors, but I LOVE them and would have one if I could.

    I definitely have mason jars. Two are filled with flowers right now and I used them in my pantry for bulk stuff. I have chalkboard paint on the inside of the bathroom medicine cabinet mirror where I write notes and draw pictures for the kids and I just painted one of the doors in my kitchen last week with chalkboard paint. So definitely guilty there. I have decals, but none are on the walls, so I'm innocent still. :) And I don't have the fig, but I have a zillion other house plants and can't imagine living in a house without them.

    So what makes these so controversial, anyway?

  6. I guess I don't see how they are so controversial!? I think they are mostly good trends! maybe minus the birds...and chevron can be over done, but when trends are used in moderation, I think they're all good!

  7. How can balloons be a trend?! How is anyone supposed to have a party without balloons? Silly.

  8. Birds, chevron, maps - guilty...You have done a beautiful job incorporating all those into your decor though!

  9. I love that they termed these trends as "controversial". :) seems so serious!

  10. I've never worried about trends...while some may influence some of my choices-- in the end I decorate the way I like and feel comfortable with. Its' your house and space and you gotta love while chalkboards may be out in 5 years I will still love them as much as I did 15 years ago. Remember what comes before, comes chalkboards and chevrons will be in again at some point . I love all of them except the mustachios...not much on them LOL!



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