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Monday, September 30, 2013

The other day when I posted pictures of my finished settee, I realized I never showed you the new headboard we got literally as we were packing things up to move to TX.  Thank God it showed up before we left!
She was a Joss and Main purchase.  I was definitely nervous about buying furniture online and then after reading some negative reviews about Skyline headboards I got really nervous about what to expect.  But, I had some credits built up, and you really couldn't beat the price with a stick. 
Once it arrived I had to wait several weeks before putting it together due to the move.  As soon we got down here and the movers unloaded it in our bedroom I dove in putting it together.  Big sigh of relief!  Everything looked awesome!!!

And now I'm getting closer and closer to breaking up the matchy, matchy furniture set.  The next thing I'd love to do is change up the nightstands.  I'll be waiting until we get moved again before that happens.

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You can now find these photos and more added to the Home Tour page!
Have you guys purchased furniture online before?  Happy outcome or sad face?  For me, I'd definitely do it again.


  1. it's gorgeous- the whole bedroom is so pretty! i love the warm wall tone mixed with the cooler pieces of furniture and linens.

  2. Looks pretty darned awesome from here!

  3. Awesome headboard, great find!


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