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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I've been dreaming about my new kitchen a lot lately, and all the pretty stuff that should be in it.  I figure now is the time to get rid of all the coffee mugs we don't like using (I'm tired of my husband always beating me to the good ones), replace the cooking utensils that have seen better days, and get things in order for the new place.

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Most excited about getting some big ol coffee mugs and a step stool.  It's ridiculous that I've always just climbed up on counters all these years.
What are your kitchen must haves?  Anything you've been living without for far too long?


  1. Amen on the step stool! I mentioned we needed one, and my husband tried to buy one at Lowes the other day. Oy. :) not exactly the pretty/functional type of stool I was hoping for!

  2. Okay so I have six of the lionshead bowls and I cannot say enough good things about them! They are so versatile for entertaining and a great size for other random uses like in the bathroom or a desk. My mom has a big sized one and a ton of the tiny size. They ROCK! I also have two of those large glass canisters and I love them! I totally need a step stool, going to put it on my list!

  3. Oh all great choices! So classic. Can't wait to see your fab kitchen when the house is done.

  4. Too funny. Gotta love virtual shopping for a room that doesn't exist yet. :) I have the glass jars for flour and sugar. Love 'em.
    It's kinda crazy, with our whole kitchen packed up and only the essentials left out, it's amazing how that makes you realize how little you need. I have 500 coffee cups and I left out two during the remodel. Go figure. We're surviving on just a few things and when it comes time to unpack, I think a lot of crap will go bye-bye.

  5. Great roundup. I have dreams of getting a cute apron to wear when I cook, but i never remember to put them on until after I've spilled something on my shirt. :)

  6. I just switched out my canisters for the glass ones above...and you know me, I LOVE white dishes!

  7. I have just one of those cute white coffee mugs from Target and I want a whole set. It's one of my favorites - so simple and pretty. I have the one with the little dots.


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