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Monday, August 5, 2013

Thank you guys for all of your input on what I should do with my kitchen table!  Took your suggestions and went for the bleached look.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already knew that though ;)

Here are some progress pics for you.  I'll admit, I freaked out when the first few swipes of wax went on, but kept on and I think it looks pretty cool.  

I'll take some pictures of the finished table this week.  My mom is in town vising and we've been busy having fun.  Like, hitting up the Pottery Barn Outlet in San Marcos, TX where I scored this pivot mirror for our powder room!

I had to walk away from this Pottery Barn media console.  Even at the outlet price, she was still a little too rich for me.

I'm still kicking myself for not getting this white West Elm Parson's Desk.  At this price, it should have been in our truck.

Have you guys hit up a Pottery Barn Outlet?  The one we were at had Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, Williams-Sonoma Home and West Elm all under one roof.  Restoration Hardware was a few stores down.  I was in heaven.


  1. That sounds like a dream!! :) The table looks great btw!

  2. That table is fabulous, can't wait to see it all styled up! :) Sounds like a perfect day!

  3. Oh my - I wish we had one of those in our neck of the woods. How fun! Then again...being far away from those stores keeps my budget in check. :)

  4. The table looks awesome! And suuuuper jealous of your little shopping trip. I'm dying to get down there!

  5. I'm glad you went with that look for your table, it's going to be gorgeous! I haven't had the guts to try and refinish ours (which *desperately* needs it!) so I'm totally impressed. I've been too tired to even finish painting the dresser for the new little one's room. Pathetic! I'm glad I don't know if there's an outlet close by because me + outlet = DANGER (c;

  6. What? I didn't even know those existed! I think I need to take a roadtrip. I need to find a trailor.

  7. It looks great, really great! By any chance do you know what kind of wood it is? I tried the lime wax with pine and it sure didn't look like yours does;)

    1. Thanks, Miss B! It's called tiger oak, which is just regular oak that has been ran through the saw differently giving it those stripes and flecks.


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