gold animal jewelry box (and feeling better)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Um wow.  I was not expecting to have been taken all the way down with hand, foot, and mouth disease.  Thank you all for the kind words! 
Let me tell you, if your child ever comes down with this little gem, you had better hold on to your britches and hope to God you don't get it.  In my last post I mentioned only having body aches.  I thought that was going to be the extent of it.  Most of the information I found on the internet said that adults are only mildly affected if at all, that was not the case for me.  You guys, a day later I was COVERED in blister-like spots and could not walk.  Every step hurt so bad.  I couldn't hold onto my toothbrush, let alone pry open the bottle of Tylenol (like that was even going to do much, pretty sure the Tylenol was laughing at me).  It was ridiculous.
Anywho, all is good now!  But if I hear anyone even mention that it might be going around again, I'm gonna scoop up my babies and a gallon of hand sanitizer and head for the hills!!!
Ok, so prior to that whole ordeal, I had been looking through my Make It board on Pinterest when Izzy tossed out a, "Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!" and demanded we tackle the animal jewelry box from Kristen at The Hunted Interior.  It featured a giraffe on top so naturally Izzy was all over it. 
You may have seen these images I posted on Instagram when I was on a craftin' roll.

Well here's Izzy's giraffe jewelry box in it's home on her dresser!
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He's pretty darn cute isn't he.
I'll be back tomorrow with what became of this project...
It's a keeper!


  1. wow- your experience sounds awful! my kids had it but i thought adults didn't get it- UGH. love the box though! :)

  2. Adorable. And whoa, that sucks!!! Glad all is better!

  3. This is so cute! I'm finally starting to seriously think about Evie's big girl room and she would probably love this as much as Izzy. Also- I somehow missed this post and WHOA on the hand, foot, mouth business!! Yeck, girl!! So glad you're all feeling better now!


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