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Monday, July 15, 2013

I've been dragging my feet in picking out a paint color for the new house.
I wanted to go with my Paint BFF, Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter, since I loved it in our last house.  Easy enough right?  Wrong.  They told me I had to go with their paint company.  I froze like a deer in headlights.  Kerrrrr-appp!!!  I'm not good a picking out paint.  It took me 7 years to finally find the perfect one!
So, the other day I went into paint sample panic.

And then went to my trusty Pinterest boards.  Pretty much every single image I have saved of rooms has one thing in common.  White walls.  Oh dear.

I love the look, but when it comes to my own home, it skeers me.  I stared at my paint samples again and again and decided I was going for it.  Well, more like dipping my toes in.
I'm going with Palomino Gray on the upper left.  It isn't registering too much lighter than Revere Pewter in the photo, but in person it's significantly lighter.
I'm going from being scared of the almost white walls to really excited.  I figure now or never right?
My mom always tells me that she thinks I'm afraid of color because of my love of black and white in décor.  But in reality, it's the lack of color that scares me!
Are any of you embracing naked walls?  What do you think?


  1. i love the new color choice! but i would also freeze if told i couldn't use ben moore. i love him. i have white walls and love them! this is the first house i have done white walls in. :)

  2. I love white walls too! Or very light gray walls. Cassie, what is the white that you used? There are so many out there! You guys like BM paint better than SW paint?

    1. I like SW a lot. I used their Alabaster white for all my woodwork and kitchen cabinets. I also used their paint throughout the house before going with BM. I just go with whoever has the best color I want at the time :)

  3. I had the same issue with painting the walls white. Every inspiration room I have pinned has white walls. We decide to just go for it in our new house and painted the walls BM white down. It's a warm, creamy white and I could not love it any more. It's clean and fresh and all the colors in my accessories really pop against it. You're going to love it!!!

  4. Same fear here - I have to start choosing colors for our house and when I look at all the rooms I've saved on my computer, they're all white, which surprised me! I think you'll love it...but you go first, so I can see. :)

  5. We're building a house also (cabinets just went in, trim is about to start, and yes- it's been miserable) and used PPG paint. They will color match to a swatch/chip. We had them color match to SW's Simple White. It's a putty color, with a slightly warm red-ish tint. I'm trying to convince myself that my entire house doesn't have pink walls. We used PPG's Hi-Hide line, no VOC, and it covered really well on the first coat. It's good paint.

  6. I was really excited to paint our walls white after 20 years of playing with color, but my hubby wasn't so much on board. I persevered, chose BM white dove because I didn't want any cream tones and we both just love it! So clean and airy, everything looks fresh and new!

  7. After living with white walls in apartments and rentals, I swore I'd never have white walls again. And haven't. There's no way I could do it. But that light color isn't like cocaine white, so I think it'll be pretty.

  8. I think the color is really pretty. I'm loving white walls these days. I don't know if I'd go stark white but there are a lot of pretty off whites. My girls' room is Dove white and I just did Dover white (SW) in our guest room. Don't be skeered;)

  9. I'm the same way. But I gotta tell you, I'm painting a second room white in my house (gasp) and I'm LOVING it!

  10. BM is my favorite paint also. I have used so many kinds and have had the best results with it. I always said I would not want white since I lived in so many apts. in the past. But I think I am over that now. I always like neutral colors because you can change accessories when you want. I love the color you have chosen. I bet you will end up loving it!

  11. I painted every single room in my house (except the wood paneling) white. Everything. I love it. I was so sick of all the color in my last house. Plus I figure it will be reeeeally easy to touch up. Same paint for every. single. room.

  12. Go for it!! It's going to look awesome- bright and light and fresh!

  13. We just finished our new house and painted the whole thing using PPG paints. They color matched BM's Revere Pewter and it looks awesome! The whole house - revere pewter! We're going from tan/beige and I'm SO excited about the gray/blue tones of this house. I thought about a really, really light gray but chickened out. Can't wait to see how yours turns out!

  14. How dare them make you use their paint colors! I can see the look on your face now. Oh man. I would love to go lighter on my walls, but my boys put their dirty hands and feet on the walls constantly and they even wipe their boogers on the walls. Gross! Your house is going to be fabulous no matter what color you choose.

  15. I love painting the walls white because it helps illuminate the whole room, not to mention that it makes the room look wider. But if the white walls scare you, you can try painting the cornices with dark colors, so that it can provide a good balance to the color harmony.

    Ken Turner


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