samuel - 8 months

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

You guys, I am so in love with this little man.  He is just the happiest guy I have ever seen!  All smiles.  And his just melts me.

When I went to pick him up from the church nursery last Sunday, the ladies there were telling me about how sweet he was.  They said he has a personality that is just different.  I think it was because he was surrounded by women.  The boy loves the ladies ;)

It's crazy how much they change month to month.  He still hasn't crawled, but he gets his knees under his belly and is sooooo close.  He is rockin the baby food and getting a hang of picking up those little baby puffs and getting them in his mouth, although most still end up on the floor or in his lap.  He has been having a hard time nursing this past month, but I think it's mostly because he STILL has fluid in his ears from his double ear infection he had last month.  No teeth yet, but at the rate he is making out with his Sofie Giraffe, they should be making an appearance soon.

He did go for his first swim in a pool this month!  He was as relaxed as relaxed could be floating around in his baby tube.  He almost even feel asleep.

As I write this I think about how he likes to run his tiny hands over my face and smile up at me.  I don't want him to grow up!!!

Looking Back:


  1. Soooo, that made me want to cry. It goes so damn fast and it isn't fair. Laney will be EIGHTEEN MONTHS tomorrow. What the hell?! I swear I was just pregnant. I swear I was just pregnant with The Kid and he's seven! They grow too fast. I wish I could get some snuggles from him. So cute.

  2. This post took me back to those days with Jeremy. I am going to run off and cry now. PS. The tortillas were gone last weekend. I think I ate 75% of them all. by. myself.


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