galvanized laundry sinks

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A few weeks back I spied this image from a laundry room over at Milk & Honey Home
Pretty cool, huh?
It got me rethinking my plans for our laundry room in the new place.  We were going to have them put in the regular builders sink and cabinets, but had them scrap those plans and just put in the rough plumbing for a sink so I can recreate this on my own.
I luuuuurve the subway tile going up the wall behind this one.  That's gonna have to happen.
Here's another using nesting tables as the wash stand.  I like the idea of having another flat surface to sit things on.
I've already ordered a faucet similar to the one in the first photo and have sweet talked my way into them setting up the plumbing to accommodate it.
What do you think?  A little too different or do you love it??


  1. Oooh...the one with the subway tile is my fave!

  2. No, I love it. Ours is a ghetto plastic one, so anything is nicer than that. :)

  3. Adore it! They both are awesome!

  4. I love it, especially because it's different. It will add tons of charm!!

  5. Anyone know where I can order one of those metal tubs for the laundry room (pictured above)?

    1. I actually just purchased mine last night! I ordered mine here

  6. What are those faucets called? I can't find them anywhere. Thanks!


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