why I won't win mother of the year

Thursday, June 13, 2013

In my last post I mentioned having a little "incident" with Sam and some milk.
Here's the scoop.
We were getting him started on solids, beginning with the usual rice cereal thinned out with breast milk.  I went to my stash of frozen milk, pulled out a bag, and after it was thawed out mixed up his first bowl of rice cereal.
I get all excited since it's his first taste of solids (not that it really counts as a solid since it's sooo thinned out, but anywho) and record his first bites.
He is a little less than happy.


This leaves me totally confused because I remember Izzy LOVING it.  So I do what any mom would do, I tasted it.
Holy disgustingness.
I didn't even have a full baby sized spoonful of this stuff and I was gagging and scrambling to the pantry desperate to find anything I could toss in my mouth to get the taste out.
Sour milk.  Waaaayyyy sour.
Gah!!!  I felt like such a horrible mommy shoving that down this throat.  No wonder his little face was all scrunched up!  If he has major food aversions later on, at least I know I can pinpoint the cause :D
So, I'm pretty sure all of my frozen milk stash is ruined.  I thawed out a couple more bags to see test the condition and it doesn't look good.  Despite keeping it frozen on our trip from KS to TX, something must have gone wrong. 
I am pretty much devastated.  Liquid gold.  Down the drain.
If you've breastfeed and stored milk, have any of you had your milk go bad?  What's the deal?


  1. Ahh, Shelley, so sorry about that. I never had that happen and you're right, that stuff is liquid gold. I hope you're able to replenish your supply. He sure looks cute, even when he's disgusted!

  2. well first of all you won't win because duh, i have mother of the year in the bag.... oh yeah. definitely.
    second of all- oops! we have all done things like that! no worries. he is too young to remember anyhow. so never ever tell him.

  3. Ha! It is liquid gold isn't it! I never could produce that much and when any of it spilled or didn't get eaten I felt like it was the end of the world... Until I realized it wasn't. Don't worry about it. I'm sure you traumatized yourself more than Sam;)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. He is sooo cute! At least he just spat it out and didn't make a fuss. Bless him :)

  6. What a trooper. I can really see Mike in him in this video. Not sure about the milk, so weird. Maybe it's a sign he needs a steak. I love hearing Izzy laugh about it.


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