my house is my dream home because...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Today I'm over at Simcoe Street filling in for Jenny while she gets to enjoy her beautiful new baby girl!!!
Head over and find out why my house is my dream home! 
I'm sharing a "room" you guys haven't seen before.
See you there!


  1. That is a dream space for sure!! We do actually have a very large closet, but it doesn't have all of those awesome organization tools in place. I need to add some bins and baskets to make the space more functional. Great use of your space!! Love how accessible your accessories are!

  2. Fantastic. I am going over right now to read your post. Kisses

  3. Seriously with this closet? That is just not fair at all!

  4. Oh, and the mister just set himself up. Where are you supposed to go from here?

  5. Thank you again so so much! Your closet is the best :)

    Jenny xo

  6. This doesn't work. I did this on Saturday night. Sunday around noon time I heard loud noises. I went into my kitchen and the knobs had fallen off.


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