washi tape fixes brass fireplace surround

Monday, May 20, 2013

I know brass is making a come back in design, and I really do love it, just not surrounding the fireplace.
The house we're renting has a case of the bad brass.
I needed an easy and temporary fix to hide it.
Enter solid black washi tape to the rescue!
The washi tape was SUCH an easy and quick fix.  Seriously took like 5 minutes.  And when we're ready to move it can be peeled right off quickly without any residue.

Now I will say this, I WOULD NOT use this if you plan on using your fireplace.  We will not be using it so this was a good option for us.
If you want a permanent solution that will not be effected by heat, I suggest a high heat tolerant spray paint.  I used it for this purpose in our last house and it worked and covered really well.
So that's it!
No more bad brass!

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I've been working on the laundry room mess I mentioned last week, and I'm getting excited to show you guys.

My husband thinks I've completely lost my mind when it comes to part of what I've done.  I'm used to seeing that look on his face though ;)


  1. Great idea and easy transformation. Could be used in many places now that you gave us the idea. Thank you.

  2. Seriously, you are brilliant! I wish I had thought of that in our last house. There were definitely places I could've used this trick!

  3. Genius! All renters will now sing your praises:)

  4. What a great idea! It looks great.

  5. Um, that's kinda genius. Just sayin'.

  6. You are one smart woman! Looks great.


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