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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

You remember those 7 ingredients I told you guys about in my post about styled desks?
1 - lamp
2 - tray
3 - coaster
4 - candle
5 - notepad
6 - pencil cup
7 - natural element 
I gave it a go and I think it worked!

 {traylacquer box . brass swans - vintage}

{lamp . pencil holder . planner - Target (no longer avail.)}
Someone else has taken a liking to it as well.  Looks like I'll be sharing this desk...

I had a bit of a battle coming up with a lamp that would work, but ended up with the glass teardrop shaped one since it was a good height and I liked that it didn't visually take up much space. 
 Here are some others I tried out.
I really liked the silver three arm one in the first picture, but I think I like it better in its current home in the living room.
What do you think? Is there a lamp you like best?
Did any of you guys try out the 7 ingredients for styling a desk?

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  1. it looks lovely! i love that beautiful desk. :) and you know what? i have those swans for sale in my space now!

  2. I think it turned out perfectly. And I think the lamp you chose is just right!

  3. Love it! And I also love that planner from Target...I have the polka dotted one and can't wait until it's July so I can start using it!


  4. What a great recipe for a beautifully styled desk. It looks amazing. I have those little brass swans too. Are you getting any work done there or are you too distracted by the lovely styling?

  5. I like the glass one the best, especially in front of the window! I SO need to spruce up my these ideas!


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