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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend with their families!
Today I wanted to share with you guys a super quick and easy tip on how I added a temporary skirt to the built in table in our laundry room.


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Anything I do to this place has to be done without changing or damaging the surfaces in any way.
Command Strip hooks were put in place under the table top at each end.
And a small diameter curtain rod with clip rings was hung from the hooks.
My piece of fabric was then clipped from the back a couple of inches from the top to give it that pinch pleat look.  You could sew a regular rod pocket into your fabric and not do clips, but I think they clip rings help it slide open and close a lot easier.
Couldn't have been easier, and since I already had everything on hand it cost me nada.  Love that!
It's so nice having all that stuff hidden out of sight.
Makes me want to slap a skirt on everything :D
I think it would work well for hiding things in open bathroom vanities, pantries, heck even garage shelves (I'll have to remember that one)!
Do you guys have skirted storage in your homes?


  1. This looks great! The skirt really helps to add some dimension to the room. We love that you used a Pfister faucet for one of your renovations, and will be featuring your blog on our Facebook page later today. Is there an updated Facebook page we can link to (the old one goes to Baby's Nest)?

    1. Thank you so much guys! I'm working on an updated FB page, but don't have it up yet.


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