my mess of a laundry room

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I'm gonna air some dirty laundry.
This here is where I do my dirty laundry.

It's a mess.
There are still random items hanging out in here from when we unpacked.
Since our dog has his food and water bowls in there I can't close the door.  So, I get to stare at it all day long.  I'm staring at it from the couch right now.  Lucky me.
I'm going to spend some time in there this weekend and try to tidy things up.
Thinking a skirt option might help things along.

And some pretty baskets.
We shall see!


  1. mine is in the basement and so gross.... this is 10 million times better already, so i can't wait to see it become 100 million times better!

  2. Um, compared to the hell hole that my washer and dryer reside in, this is the Hilton. Seriously, at least you HAVE the option of making it pretty. Mine will be a hell hole for eternity.

  3. Ours looks like that too! Dog bowls, laundry baskets, vacuum and brooms and a bunch of other stuff piled on the shelf! I just shut the door when we have company. So embarrasing. hah


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