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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last week I showed you guys my messy laundry room.
I worked on it over the weekend and am so freaking, stinking excited about how it turned out!!!

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A reminder of the state it was in before.

The makeover started with making a skirt to hide all the junk under the table top.

I had a boat load of striped outdoor fabric sitting around (actually, hanging out in a moving box) waiting to become outdoor pillows.  Since there's no room for our outdoor furniture at this place I decided to borrow the fabric for this project.  UPDATE:  click here for the renter friendly skirted table.

All the unsightlies are now hidden away but easy to get to.

Clean recyclables are tossed in the white trash can (there's a regular trash can under the kitchen cabinets) and the dog's food is stored in the metal IKEA trash bin.

Now that the junk on the top of the counter has a new hidden home below, I have room for a laundry basket to catch clothes coming down from the laundry chute above (words cannot express how excited Izzy is about this), and room to fold.

Fabric bins above the rod for more hidden storage.

And added some fun knobs to the cabinets.  I'll tell you more about these guys later.  Sneaky, sneaky ;) UPDATE: click here for adding knobs without drilling holes.

And can we discuss this wall!!!

I've been lusting after the Scalamadre zebra print wallpaper and decided to have a little fun in here.  Can't wait to share more on this too!  UPDATE:  click here for the tutorial on temporary wallpaper.

Ruffino's dog food is now corralled in a $5.00 boot tray from Target.  It is still a bit under foot, but it's a lot better in this location than where it was before.

Everything in, I spent $23 sprucing up this space.  Not bad!

Here's a little side story for you.

While drawing in the bottom part of the wall, I completely pop and wreck my knee.  Imagine a loud pop, chalk flying, and me flailing on the floor.  I must have freaked Izzy out because she came running.

Can anyone tell me why bad things always happen when my husband is out of town????

Knee goes out, in ca-razy pain.  I can't even carry my 6 month old up the stairs to bed.  A few minutes later I hear a strange beeping.  Smoke detector's battery has gone out in my bedroom.  WTF!!!

There would have been zip, zero, zilch sleeping that night had it not been replaced.  I had to drag my rear up to the tippy top of a ladder with a bum knee to replace the battery.  I'm still in shock I didn't fall to my death. 

One hour later I'm hobbling through the dining room and smack my other knee square into the piano bench.



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  1. it's awesome and so very you! i love the striped skirt!

  2. I love the wall and the fabric you chose. I really need to prop my washer and dryer up like yours.

  3. You did a crazy good job on this!! So amazing! And I hope your knee is OK. You are one tough mamma!

  4. Looks amazing! Sorry about your knee, that sucks!

  5. it looks so great! love, love the fun zebra wall!

  6. LOL. Oh my gosh, that is too funny. But not. But it is, really. LOL.
    The room looks AMAZING. And now I'm more jealous than I was before.

  7. Looks like a completely different space now. Love the fabric skirt idea!

  8. I have so many comments! One, you are really amazing at how fast you knock stuff off your to do list! Really, when you're done with your rental, feel free to come on over to my house! Also, I'm so stealing a few of your ideas for my laundry room - that tin trash can for dog food is way cute! Also, I'm so sorry about your knee. Hope your hubby is home soon to help you!

  9. What a fantastic transformation! I love the little skirt to hide the mess. It's perfect. And the wallpaper is to die for! I'm totally in love. It sort of makes me want to do laundry. Sort of.

  10. Love the transformation! I like the back & white and the skirt is such a great idea! I would love to have you share it at the Shady Porch Rock ‘N Share party too! Blessings, D@TheShadyPorch

  11. SO cute! I would love for you to link it up to our party:

  12. Ahhh Shelley, you poor thing. I hate that you hurt yourself, but your laundry room turned out so darn cute! I love that striped curtain and that wall, FABULOUS! Crazy things happen to me when my husband is out of town too. When my kids were babies, I swear they waited until the second he walked out the door to get sick, every stinking time!

  13. Super cute makeover Shelley! Thank you so much for linking up to our Simply Create Link Party. Pinning your wonderful room. :) Can't wait to see what you share at our party tonight!


  14. Shut up with that fab wall!!! I love that zebra wallpaper, too...but love your version just as much! And crazy for that striped curtain!!!

  15. Wow beautiful transformation! I love the zebra wall :) You did an incredible job! (I found your site via thrifty decor chick)

  16. Amazingly beautiful transformation! And I can so relate to your husband-out-of-town bad luck. I was climbing into the attic to help Santa one Christmas Eve when my husband was deployed wondering if my children would wake up to find me on the floor under Santa's gifts. Luckly the only thing damaged was my sleep and nerves. The things we do as moms!

  17. Darn girl! You are suffering for the DIY aren't you?! Hope you feel a lot better. Love the striped curtain.

    Ashley from

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    I would like to say that this blog really convinced me to do it! Thanks, very good post.


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