happy mother's day and a delicious thumb

Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm a little later than usual today.  Don't even have an excuse as I did NOTHING yesterday.  Like, didn't even take a shower.  Sheesh!
But, I wanted to make sure I popped in so I could give all of you fabulous mommas out there an early shout out for Mother's Day! 
You are all fierce, and doing it up right.  Here's to you!!!
If you're up for a laugh (and possibly shooting coffee out of your nose) check out what this mom wants for Mother's Day.  It is SPOT. ON.
In other news, it appears I have second thumb sucker...
I don't know why I stress about this so much but I do.
As I type this, Izzy is doing the same.
How long does this last???
She only does it when she's curled up with her security blanket, Giraffe.  But, since she is 4, I worry about dental issues.
Anyone else dealing or dealt with thumb suckers?
Should I really be stressing about this???


  1. Ollie was a thumb sucker, but doesn't do it anymore. We used that stuff on her thumb but that didn't seem to phase her. She only sucked it when she had her blanket, so we told her it was her thumb or her blanket...she wanted to keep her blanket, so she tried to stop sucking her thumb. We had to remind her, but she stopped around 5 and has no damage to her teeth!!

  2. i was a thumb sucker, and i think i turned out just fine. i mean, i still suck my thumb but otherwise i am well adjusted. ;) kidding! i was but am not now!

  3. I was a thumb sucker too, and I PRAYED that my kids would suck their thumbs. Not one of them did, damnit. I wouldn't worry about it.

  4. I was a thumb sucker and stopped shortly before entering kindergarten. No problems here. If you're really worried you can try to have a "big kid" talk - e.g. "big kids are brave and don't need to suck their thumb - can you be brave for 15/30/60 minutes?" And lots of praise/bragging. This worked really well with my nephew - it was a rite of passage, like potty-training, to leave the thumb sucking behind. My sister also tried to use the process to try to teach coping skills for identifying and communicating emotions - "when do you suck your thumb? when you're feeling scared/happy/bored? what are ways big kids deal with feeling ....". Basically she didn't want her kiddos to do the adult equivalent of thumb-sucking as inappropriate self soothing: eat a tub of ice cream in front of the TV. lol

  5. I sucked my thumb until high school, and there was no damage to my teeth. I always found the more my parents tried to stop my thumb sucking, the more I resisted them and kept up the habit.

  6. Happy Mom's Day to you, too, Shelley girl! And that list is hilarious and *SO* true...it's even more hilarious to read all the morons' comments about it after (c; Or is it just me that thinks it's hilarious that people think it's their moral duty to respond to people's opinions on the web??? I've never had a thumbsucker, but darn it if it doesn't look just precious while they're doing it! Those are some super cute kiddos you've got there (c:

  7. I sucked my thumb until preschool and no damage to my teeth.

    My mum was paranoid about giving her kids dummies incase it gave us buck teeth haha.

    Happy belated Mothers Day!

  8. Random people in stores will tell you to worry. My oldest sucked her thumb until she was 7. She's a wonderfully well-adjusted 17 year old with a beautiful smile (we did have to have braces but not because of the thumbsucking).


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