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Monday, April 22, 2013

I've got a house on the brain, and I can't get it out.
While in the process of looking for our permanent home, whether we build or buy existing, I've been digging through my Pinterest boards trying to gather ideas for what I want our home to look and feel like.  Which could be an entire month worth of posts as I am finding I'm all over the place at times.  I'm suffering from DADD - Design Attention Deficit Disorder.  I blame Pinterest.
Anywho, I kept coming back to a particular image I've had pinned for a while.  I finally clicked over to see where it originated from and instantly became obsessed with the entire home.  It's insanely amazing.
The home belongs to New York Times Bestselling author Jane Green.  She has named this stunner Figless Manor, and you must head over to her blog to hear the home's story.
Ok... take it in!

{all photos via Jane Green}

I know right!!!
Can't get it out of my head.  Especially the kitchen and casual living/eating.  Like, I NEED to live here. 
So, that's what I'll be dreaming about tonight.
What's your favorite part?


  1. I am obsessed!! I LOVE the kitchen the flows right into a dining area and living room. Gorgeous. Simple classic lines. Kind of a Pottery Barn type look with so much light! Dreamy :)

  2. I want to move in!!! I am in LOVE with that huge porch and the kitchen. And the herringbone floors! Dreamy.

  3. Amazeballs. Especially the kitchen and adjoining table. And the porch is total awesomeness. BTY, the windex on the counter in the second picture is priceless.

  4. I can see why you can't stop thinking about it! It's gorgeous and oh so perfect. That kitchen and eating area are a dream. And that porch! I'd settle for those two spaces...I mean if you asked me to choose.

  5. Um, gorgeous is an understatement! Love every last little detail of this home. Thanks for sharing!


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