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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ok, so here is our new place!  Well... at least for the next 6 months that is.  Our lease will be up in November and we'll get to move again.  Yippee!!!!  At least it will be into our own place, so that part I am really excited about.

Since we're only going to be here a few months I'm working with what I've already got.  Not that I got real crazy with anything, but it has been fun figuring out new ways to use our old furniture pieces.

If you look closely at the photos you'll see some are hanging sideways and upside down.  I stuck things up there based on size and then haven't done anything about switching out the photos.  It will probably be one of those things I never get around too :)  


I know I just said I was working with what I already have, but we need a rug in here in THE WORST way.  I can't put Sam directly down on the floor, and all I can think about is dropping him and cracking his head open.  I ordered this one, but it's on back order until the middle to end of next month, so it will be a while.  It's nice and neutral, and I should have no problem finding a home for it in our next house.
This place has several magnolia trees in the yard.  I just love those darn things!  So, I helped myself to some clippings.
Ok, so this room has the most awkward layout, it drives me freaking nuts.  Every wall it at a different angle.  This was the best furniture arrangement I could come up with. 
Oh, and here's something kinda funny.  Notice the sock wrapped around the top of the fan?  Yep, I don't know how the owners got it up there, and I've got no clue how to get it down.  There are also Nerf darts and little balls stuck in the foyer light.  I can't get to them, and I'm afraid that if I turn on the light I'll burn the house down.  That would be my luck.

So, there she blows!  I'll post some pics of the master bedroom before too long so I can show you guys the new headboard I ordered before I found out we were moving.  Me likey.


  1. wow! you have done an amazing job of making it feel like you already! love it so far!

  2. I can't believe how much you've done, knowing you'll be leaving. That's nuts. Are you house shopping now, or do you have to wait?

  3. Welcome Shelley! We've been in Houston since 1999 and really enjoy it! Lots of great shopping and restuarants :) I'm amazed at how much you've done with your rental already! Looks great!

  4. You have already made it fabulous! Hows the weather in Texas? I don't do hot well. lol.

  5. Hi!!

    The paint color is amazing! Do you mind my asking the name of it?


    1. I wish I could help you out Wendy, but I have no clue. The owners don't have any paint cans laying around for me to check either. Sorry!

  6. Okay, seriously stop it. :) You just moved in and have your house so cute and decorated! You want to come work on mine? I mean since you are close now. haha I love what you've done already! Good luck with the house hunt!

  7. Love it all...just found your blog and am totally a fan!!! Where oh where are those curtains, and letter pillows from??? I'm in love!!!

    1. Thanks, Esme! The curtains and pillows were made by me. The curtain fabric is Premier Prints Chipper. Hope this helps

  8. Hi, I don't know if you will be able to answer this, as I read this is a rental, but do you know what the wall color is called and who makes it? It's really beautiful! :) I'm loving going through your blog btw, I really like your writing style!

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