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Monday, April 29, 2013

Remember the gallery wall in our last living room?

Loved it.  Sure, there were a lot of nail holes in that wall, but to me it was worth it to have all of those pictures up.  Now that we're renting, I'm not hip on having to patch and paint a bunch of holes in a couple of months.  Mr. Landlord isn't either. 
But, I still wanted my pictures up.

Here's a little tip on how to get a gallery wall without making a single hole in the wall - Command Strips for photos.
Coolest thing eva!  Did you guys know about these?  I had no clue.
I ran across them by accident and was so excited when I saw them.  Super easy to use.  And since they grip over a larger area, an added bonus is you don't have to worry about your photos hanging wonky when you dust them or if a door slams too hard.  Score!
Anyways, I had to share since I know there are a lot out there that want the gallery wall but stay clear because they don't want the holes in their walls.  Problem now solved.

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This is not a sponsored post, just thought I'd share a cool find.


  1. what a great way to still make it your home without messing it up! :)

  2. Yeah. I love the command products. They have been around a long time.

  3. I use those! My husband and I are renting too and cannot stand not being able to hang photos. We are actually working on a gallery wall above our couch and these strips are the BEST! Plus, you can easily remove them if you decide you want to move a photo someplace else.

    Brittany @ La Vita DiBella

  4. I have thought about using those but always wondered if they really held up! I am the worst when it comes to making a thousand holes in my walls! I am definitely trying those - thanks for the awesome tip!

  5. I used them with our recent staircase gallery wall to make our photos even more secure (we used nails too). They are great!!

  6. I'm so happy you shared this! I'm renting a place now, and have a lot of pictures to hang, but didn't want to put a hundred nails in. This is great! :)


  7. Such a great idea! And I am so envious of your fabulous design style! I need help over here!!!

  8. Yes -totally love those little strips!! Your gallery wall looks so great!

  9. GREAT idea and thank you for sharing. I've been using these in my new house instead of nails and I'm loving the results.


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