the face of defeat

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I lost Izzy for a couple of minutes today.  I found her in her room with the door shut.

When I opened it I was met with this...

as Izzy announced, "Introducing the new and improved Ruff!"  Hahahaha!!!

Poor thing.  I really can't believe he let her put it on him.

I guess it is an improvement from this ;)


  1. i love it! clearly he is a wonderful family pet and great with kids! :)

  2. You have started my day with a smile. Thank you.

  3. Hilarious! Great way to start my day!

  4. Bahhaha! I love it! Our golden has often found himself dressed up in something fancy. Oh the humiliation! Isn't it great to have a gentle, loving buddy to play with who puts up with these kinds of things?

  5. Love the post! It made me laugh out loud. Two sweet babies! lin


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