samuel - 3 months

Friday, February 22, 2013

We've survived another month!  Can I get an Amen!!!

Here's the chub, chub!

He's giving us lots more smiles lately and is trying to chat it up the best he can.  He has slept through the night a few more times, but not nearly as much as I'd like.  I keep comparing his sleep to Izzy's at that age (she was sleeping all night at 7 weeks) and can't help but get frustrated.  We'll get there though.

Izzy's is coming around to him more and more every day.  She's much more interested in holding and smooching him lately.  It's funny how much she wants to imitate how I take care of Sam when she's playing.  Sometimes when I'm nursing him she will pretend to do the same to her Giraffe.  She even takes care to make sure Giraffe gets burped :)

I'll admit I was freaked out when I found out we were having a boy.  Now I can't imagine not having this little guy around to love.


  1. He is soo cute!!


  2. he is adorable! i felt freaked out about having a girl since i started with a boy, so i hear ya! but then now i can't imagine it any other way!!! one of each is the best! :)

  3. What a little chunk a munk! That's exactly how The Girl was. So Stinkin' Cute.
    As for the sleeping through the night, we're at almost 13 months with Baby and it still ain't happenin'. Let me know when you figure out the magic words.

  4. adorable!!! I hope that means he'll be sleeping longer for you soon!

  5. And what's not to love??? He is so completely adorable! I just love little babies...especially when they are awake a little more and you start seeing their fun little personalities! Sounds like Izzy is a great big sister (c:


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