we're having a baby!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Today's the day.
We're having a baby!
I'm going to take a break for a few weeks to enjoy getting to know this little man.  But, no fear, I've not forgotten you guys!  I have a new series, Perfect Christmas, kicking off next Monday.  Thanks to some great friends helping me out, you'll get to see what makes up their version of the perfect Christmas.  Here are the lovely ladies you'll be hearing from:

Aubrey from All Things Bright and Beautiful
Jessamie from Bird and Branch Redesign
Amy from Green Eggs and Hamm
Maggie from Midwestern Girl
Carmel from Our Fifth House
Julia from Pawley's Island Posh
Cassie from Primitive and Proper
Natasha from Schue Love
I'll be sure to pop in here and there to give you some baby updates.  You know, when I'm not a mombie and can actually function in a somewhat normal manner.  Ha!  Wish me luck.
Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!    


  1. best of luck, shelley! i will be thinking of you!!!! give that little man a kiss for me. :)

  2. congrats and good luck mama!!! You are going to fall in love with that little boy today! And watching your sweet girl love on her brother (even if she doesn't at first) will MELT YOUR HEART!

  3. Congrats and good luck today! Can't wait to see pics of the little one!

  4. So exciting Shelley! Can't wait to see your new little addition :)

  5. Oh my gosh, I'm SO excited for you! Seems like just yesterday I was asking when you were gonna get knocked up again. ;o}
    Can't wait to see pictures of the little man in his fancy new room.
    Good luck and enjoy those first couple days of nonstop snuggles. It goes so damn fast.

  6. Savor every moment. Best wishes to you and your family! Nancy Carr

  7. Congrats and Good Luck!! What an exciting time! It will fly by so enjoy every.single.moment. (even the sleepless ones!) ;)

  8. How exciting!! Can't wait to meet your little one! Hoping the day went well….keeping you in my prayers tonight!

  9. SOO excited for you Shelley!! Can't wait to get a peek of your perfect bundle! xo


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