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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hello, you Crazy Wonderful people!  I'm Carmel from Our Fifth House.  I just love Shelley as I'm sure you do, so I was super thrilled she asked me join in the Perfect Christmas fun!  Christmas really is the perfect time to wish and dream BIG!  Am I right?!  

My perfect Christmas would be spent right here in the middle of a snowy nowhere with a warm fire surrounded by my sweet family and friends. 

                                                    Source: via Carmel (@ Our Fifth House) on Pinterest

But since we're playing make believe, let's pretend this little house is just a little bigger (and that it has actual doors and windows) because Ralph Lauren is going to need some room to decorate.


                                                      Source: via Carmel (@ Our Fifth House) on Pinterest

He knows how to make everything - fashion, home, holiday - classic and current all in a totally effortless way!

While the food would be oh so delicious, the cocktails would be the real treat at our party!  Let me introduce you to the Happy Elf.

                                                       Source: via Carmel (@ Our Fifth House) on Pinterest

Happy is right!

Under the tree a little special something would be waiting just for me.

                                                          Source: via Carmel (@ Our Fifth House) on Pinterest

Clearly, I'm dreaming, but it's a good dream huh?

Thanks Shelley for inviting me over to dream today!  I hope this is a very special dream-like Christmas for each and everyone of you!


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  1. That all DOES sound like the perfect Christmas! We sing happy birthday to baby Jesus too, with a cake on Christmas day. I love keeping that tradition going as my kids get older!

  2. the last quote was my favorite of the post- what a sweet tradition!

  3. Oh yes, that tablescape and huge Christmas tree are just gorgeous! I'd love to spend Christmas there. :) What a great tradition to sing Happy Birthday. I might have to steal that when I have little ones.

  4. Oh Carmel I love that tradition!

  5. Thanks for inviting me over to dream big Shelley! This was so fun! You're going to have the best Christmas ever with your new little bundle!

  6. That little house in that meadow sure reminded me of our Winters in Mt. which I'm missing like crazy. No snow here (western CO) this year and it's warm enuf during the day to have doors open and even hang out some laundry. We've lived in both climates, real Winter and San Diego/Tucson but I prefer winters stuff at this time of year especially.
    Being with your family and enjoying holidays with your kids is one of life's best memories I think.
    I miss having our kids around, sharing a meal and memories. When we all still lived in San Diego the kids came over for holiday dinners, would tell stories about their youth, I loved every minute of it so much. It seemed that once we started to leave for other parts of the country and other lives it took away that closeness. They're now too busy to even call us or come to see us. We spend all the holidays alone now (with our furry kids at least) hoping for that phone call or visit. Enjoy your family every minute you can. They're young for such a short time. Singing happy b/d to Jesus is a wonderful tradition.

  7. Oh, how sweet is the singing to Jesus?!? I love the focus on what really matters (c: And I wouldn't mind that whole awesome setup in a rustic cabin, either!!!


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