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Monday, November 12, 2012

I am ubber excited to introduce today's guest post!

Today I have the ever so talented Jenna over from the new blog Small Fry!


If you have kids, plan on kids, have friends with kids, grandkids, or just plain like kids in general, then head over and check out this new children's lifestyle blog.  Jenna is one of three gorgeous mommas in charge over there, posting on all things you and the kiddos in your life will adore.  One of my favorite reads is their From Head to Toe posts where they pull together a style for both boy and girl from one store within a small budget.  Love it, and it has completely changed the way I think about shopping.

Here's just a small sampling of what you'll find over at Small Fry.

 And, here's the lovely Jenna!

Hi everyone! So flattered Shelley is having me guest post in this hand bag series. When I dumped out the contents of my bag however I couldn't help but think "how boring!" but let's face it, I'm a mom & it's a time in my life to be simple & practical in what I carry!
1. ABC is for circus book: you never know when a child is going to need entertaining stat, so I carry around this wonderfully illustrated book to occupy busy hands for a minute while I'm waiting in line at the post office. groan.
2. Gap Coupon: Love these! Carry around them with me always because you should NEVER pay full price at the gap.
3. Hobo Wallet: My trusty sidekick weathered and worn from years of use. If you're going to invest in a wallet, Hobo is your girl.
4. Go Go Squeeze Apple Sauce Packets: Can't carry enough of these. I don't care if I just fed my 4 year old the largest meal on the planet, I will inevitably here from the back seat five minutes after leaving the house, "I'm hungry mom!" These are so easy, healthy & best of all NO MESS!
5. Doterra Peppermint Oil: My go to for after a meal or on the go. One drop on my tongue & I feel like a person again. A fresh breathed happy person.
6. Electric Sunglasses: My favorite brand of sunglasses, I own them in two colors. Perfect for my usually tired eyes!
7. Tide Pen: Little handprints & lots of spills make this bad boy a favorite. If I treat a spot immediately with this little pen, it saves me a world of hurt in the laundry room later.
8. Passport: Not sure why this is in here but I am a wanderlust at heart & love to travel. It's just a fixture in my purse!
9. Diapers & Wipes: ya know.
10. Keys: I lose these a lot, happy to see them in my purse for once.
11. Band-Aids: My 4 year old can be looked at the wrong way and need a band-aid, so these come in handy...A LOT!

Boy, oh boy do I understand the need to have a bountiful stash of band-aids on hand.  Izzy could have dry skin, and if there's not a band-aid being applied STAT to "fix" it, you better hold on to your hat.
Go Go Squeeze Packets - another lifesaver.  I need to be better at keeping one or two in my purse at all times.
Doterra Pepperming Oil - gonna be checking this out.  Izzy constantly cleans me out of gum when I'm not looking (she takes pride in this) and I'm always left with dog breath at the worst times.  Thank God my husband loves Mediterranean food as much as I do and can look past my hummus and garlic breath.
Thank you so very much for stopping by today Jenna!!!


  1. Yay I love the inside my bag posts and was just wondering this morning when I could look forward to the next one. Thank you for another quick sneak peek into a lovely lady's bag. It certainly looks a lot neater and more organised than my bag.


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