neighborhood fall fest

Friday, October 12, 2012

Every year our neighborhood throws a fall festival for the kids.  Everything is free (score), and they have a fun little petting zoo that Izzy goes bonkers over (double score).

This little donkey worked his way into my husbands heart.  Seriously, how sweet is that face!

No animal was safe from Izzy.  You may think this was a sweet little chicken that enjoyed all of the attention.  You would be wrong.  The poor thing was frozen in fear after Izzy chased her into submission.

Lots of fun and lots of sugar made for some good napping when all the excitement wore off.

See ya next year Fall Fest!


  1. Wow! Your neighborhood is the bomb! :)
    I totally would have chased the cute little chicken into submission too.

  2. looks like such fun! and the pictures are adorable, though i was hoping for a belly shot. sigh.

  3. She is a doll baby!! And why are there no pics of you?!?!!?


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