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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Everyone getting pumped for Halloween?!
I am!!! 
But, if you were to walk inside my house this year you'd think otherwise.  I blame the pregnancy.  Yep, I've been playing that card a lot lately, ha!  With baby showing up towards the end of November, I want to make sure I get Christmas decorations up WAY early this year.  I'm also feeling a little lazy and wanted to save up my energy for hauling up only one holiday worth of decorations from the basement ;)
So... I thought I would share with you guys my Halloween decor from last year.  Make sure those seat belts click because we're going on a photo overload ride.

Man, this makes me wish I had decorated this year.  I'll just have to make it extra fab next year!

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  1. So fun! I love all your black crows and the moss! Soooo spooky :)
    I am not pregnant so I have 0 excuses why my house isn't all revved up for Halloween. Play that card sister!
    I'm thinking Halloween week I'll go crazy and put out every Halloween decoration we own and surprise my kids when they get home from school. Thanks for all your fun ideas! I'm off to find a black crow image to print out and frame!!

  2. love it! i love all the black touches and love the mantle with the moss!

  3. Love all the moss! I'm just now throwing a halloween mantle together - I never really do much for Halloween.

  4. Wow, you went all out last year!
    And...what the what? How is possible that baby is coming in November?! Insane how fast the time goes!

  5. I remember this from last year and I still impressed. Keep using that pregnancy card as long as you can sista!!

  6. Your decorations look awesome! Love your photo walls on either side of the fireplace, great idea!


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