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Friday, October 5, 2012

As this pregnancy sneaks closer and closer to the end (now close to 7 weeks away - eeeek!!!), I've been trying to knock some things off my to-do list.  Here's what I'm currently working on:
Project 1 - stenciled drapes for nursery
In my mind this was going to be a quick and easy project.  Then, I decided to make my own stencil and things got a little more "complicated".
And, I may have wanted to cry for my mommy.
Thank God I didn't toss in the towel.  I'll show you some pics of them up in the nursery next week.
Project 2 - tiling basement bath
We have had tiles purchased for this project for over a year.  Over a year people!!!  So, for over a year they have been sitting in our garage taking up valuable real estate.  NO MORE. 

My master tile laying mom and husband got them down last weekend.  Now we're just waiting on everything to dry after a plumbing mishap so we can get the grout in... and install a new toilet... and new baseboards... and paint...
And here's a little tip for ya.  If you buy tile and leave it sitting around for a year, chances are you didn't end up buying enough tile, it will have been clearanced out months ago, and you won't be able to get more.  This will set you into a dead panic.  DON'T LET IT SIT FOR A YEAR IN YOUR GARAGE!  Luckily, and I still can't believe it worked out, I found some extras tucked away from when we tiled the laundry room with the same tile.  Thank you Lord!
Nothing feels better than scratching off a few things on the 'ol to-do list.  I just need to learn it's not ok to replace the scratched off item with 3 or more new projects ;)
Have you guys got any projects in the works?


  1. Ooooh those drapes look fabulous!! How exciting to be pulling together a nursery, of all rooms…..and also to check the tiling off your project list!

  2. okay - seriously - those stenciled curtain panels?!?!?!?!? Oh my - shut your mouth - they are awesome - can't wait to see them hung!!! Good tip on the tile - totally been there ;)

  3. i am DYING over those curtains! what stencil is that, if you don't mind spilling?

  4. LOL - you're nuts with the whole painting curtains thing. But they turned out awesome. Can't wait to see them hung up.
    As for tile sitting for a try five. Cough. We put the addition on our house when I was pregnant with The Girl. She turns five at the end of the month. We gained a master bathroom with a shower. The tile for the shower is STILL sitting in a pile in the garage. We never even picked up the PAID FOR accent tile that we special ordered. LOSERS. So, in actuality, we gained a closet. LOL Maybe someday. Hahahahaha, yeah right. When we're old and decide to sell the house and HAVE to tile it.

  5. I love the stenciled curtains! They'll look amazing, I'm sure. Haha you're just like me- every time I cross something off a few more things I need to do hop in to take it's place. Ah!

  6. Um, ridiculous. Those curtains are just plain awesome sauce.


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