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Monday, October 29, 2012

I've just been given a campaign style desk that my dad used years ago when he first started selling real estate.  I've always loved this desk, and was beyond over the moon when it showed up at my house.  There was squealing when I first got the phone call, and then jumping up and down and clapping when it arrived, ha!
She's in pretty rough shape after all of these years, but boy do I have plans for her!

Here are some of the images I've saved for when I get around to doing something with her.  Which, will probably not be until well after the first of the year.  But, I was so excited I had to show you anyways!
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 There is definitely part of me that wants to re-stain it, but I've always loved the bright white lacquered versions.  Not sure what to do.  At least I've got plenty of time to think about it. 
What you do think - paint or re-stain? 


  1. well I usually scream to paint but I am in a big wood phase so I say stain!

  2. It sure is pretty the way it is! What a lucky girl you are.

  3. WOW!!!! it is beautiful!!! i like this one in wood, too!

  4. I'm with Julia, I'm loving pretty wood tones right now. Leave it! It's amazing. You can always paint it later down the road!

  5. What a beauty! I love the way the details pop against the white, but I think I'd go with the wood. You can always paint it later if you change your mind.

  6. Either way I will be jealous... and now because of your inspiration pictures I want a HUGE marlin to paint white :)

  7. Shut it down - this was your dad's?!?!? I would have squealed too!!! I think because it belonged to your dad I would restain it but like you I've always loved the look of the white ones......I'm not really helping much am I? ;)

  8. I love that desk!! And, it has meaning from being your dad's. I'm so jealous! You dad had style.


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