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Friday, September 14, 2012

It has happened.  Izzy has finally had her first full week of preschool.

Can I get an AMEN!!!

The first day was more parent orientation and filling out of paperwork so I never actually left the building.  But, she handled herself like an old pro and didn't skip a beat, and I patted myself on the back for not crying.
I could have kicked myself in the butt though for not bringing my big camera in with me.  I was worried the other moms would be all, "look at that mom!!!".  Stupid right???  So unfortunately this is the only picture I have of my baby walking away to meet her class.
Ugh... bummer.
She had a blast and was eager to show me what she made...
And was being syrupy sweet asking for some sour gummy worms when we got home.  How could I say no?  Except that I might have already eaten the rest the bag the night before.  Whoops!
Yeah, felt pretty bad about that one.
Anywho - I had a hard time picking a favorite photo so how about we do a little montage!
I just love that little stinkbug.
We're so proud of you kiddo!!! 
Oh, and I did cry after all.  This Tuesday was the first day of going through the drop off line where you pull up in the car and the teacher walks them into the building.  You're strictly told to not get out of the car.  So, no hugging and smooching your little one as they head off :(  The tears came on full force as I pulled away watching her walk up to the building. 
So bittersweet isn't it.


  1. so freaking cute! I'm going to cry so hard when Wells starts. I won't even put her in MMO because I can't handle letting go!

  2. she is so precious shelley. i've experienced the same feelings - my kids' preschool does the carpool drop off too. but one thing i like about it is that you can jump in the car in your pjs and no makeup since you won't have to get out :) have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Those are the cutest little pictures! Good job, momma!

  4. Awwww so sweet...she is just beyond precious! I am sure I'll be crying when that time comes too!

  5. Her little pink boat shoes are adorable! What a little cutie!

  6. You're so funny!! I don't remember if I cried...I don't think I did since they'd both been in daycare so long! I wish I could just pull up and the teacher would take them, that would be awesome!!

    You've got those hormones going too, which doesn't help! They grow up so fast!!

  7. Awwww - you got me all teary-eyed - they just grow up way too fast! Mine are in 3rd and 1st and I wish I could stop time for a little while!

  8. Aw, it is tough isn't it?! But I do love the pick up line and how my little guy talks about his day all the way home :)

  9. Oh girl, I feel ya on the drop's not for the faint of heart!!! I bawled dropping mine off for kindergarten...thank heavens for sunglasses!!! She is so absolutely adorable...I'm dying over that stinkin' cute floral blouse!!! Just a doll. (c:


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