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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I was planning on posting more pics of the dining room molding today, but... I was dragging and didn't get the photos taken.  That is my plan for today though.  Here's hoping I finally get it done.

So, I finally purchased the maternity pillow I had asked you guys about!  I ended up going with the Bobby Total Body Pillow.

She's definitely a "Large Marge" and takes up a lot of space in the bed, but no more room than my numerous regular pillows.  It's a little scratchy, but I'm sure once I run the cover through the wash we'll be good to go.

While we were leaving the store I spied one of those lame kid's rides you pop some quarters into and decided to let Izzy go for a spin.  It may be lame, but it's kinda one of those rite of passage things every kid has to experience.

Look at that grin!  That little stinker tried to hold it back for a while at first. 

Do you guys let your kids get on, or is it a "Oh honey I would, but it's broken!" as you drag them quickly on by?  I'll admit, I'm guilty of using the "broken" comment more than once ;)



  1. What a great mom you are. I almost always let my kids when they were that little. Why not, they're only little once. My youngest is only 5 and he already thinks he's way too cool for that stuff anymore. Man, time flies. Indulge them while you can.

  2. We actually have a bunch of these in our mall (& they actually are typically broken) but we let our kids play on them anyways. They love it!

  3. I sometimes do, but they are always so grimy!! I can't resist the little merry-go round one tho, the one with 3 little animals!

  4. That's too funny! She looks like she is having a blast.

  5. I'm with Noni, I let my girls on if I'm sure I have a wipe in my bag to get all of the "guck" off right away..... call me a germaphobe! :)

  6. Bahahaha! I *totally* tell them they're broken! Or that "darn it, I don't have any quarters!", but they've caught on to that one and make me show them now (c:


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