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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thank you so much for all of your paint suggestions for the living room!  Seriously, I looked at all of them!

After going through a ridiculous amount of paint samples I thought I had finally settled on a gray that would work.  It wasn't too blue, too green, nor did it lean towards the dreaded pink.  It was actually the same color I painted Izzy's room and had fallen completely in love with in there.  Martha Stewart Nimbus Cloud.

Well, not so in love with it in my living room.  It looks ice blue in here!  Grrr!!!

I thought it wasn't looking so great after I got a large patch done, but I told myself to keep going and that I was getting worked up for nothing.  After the entire wall was done I knew it was finally time to toss in the towl. 

Back to the drawing board.

I ended up bring home two actual samples to paint on the wall.  Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter and Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray.  Both have more of a brown undertone.

I think the verdict is Revere Pewter.  This time I'm going to buy only one gallon, instead of the two I bought of the wrong color - double grrr.

Wish me luck!


  1. Love the revere pewter! I am about to paint my living room the same color.

  2. I have had lots of success with Revere Pewter too - in a dining room, my son's room, a hallway, a master bedroom... It seems to work in many different lights and I love the subtle colour. Good luck!

  3. The pewter is lovely - I think it will be so fresh and calming in there!

  4. There are several ways I have gotten the color I want.
    1. pick a fabric color. A paint store can match in their machine.
    2. You can buy those small bottles of acrylic paint at a hobby store, cheaper than the samples at the paint store. Mix them to the color you want. Paint on a paper plate and take it to your paint store.
    3. I have matched paint color to furniture by taking the arm cover to have it matched.
    good luck j


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