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Monday, June 25, 2012

When I was pregnant with Isabelle I was given Gwen Stefani's Sweet Escape as a Christmas gift.

First off, let me tell you that I'm all old school and still listen to CD's instead of downloading music onto my phone and plugging it into the car.  And to top that off, until recently I'm pretty sure the last CD I bought was Tool way back in the day. 

So, The Sweet Escape was the only CD in my car.  Since it was new I listened to it A LOT.  Apparently so much that once Izzy was born she was already used to the sound of the songs.

Stick with me here.  Have you ever seen the documentaties about sharks?  No???  I'm the only one that watches that stuff?  Sharks terrify me so I like to know as much about them as possible.  Anyways, once a shark gets turned onto its back they go from crazed killers to completely harmless docile creatures.  THAT is what Wind it Up would do to my screaming unconsolable Izzy in the back seat.  It was magic.

After almost 3 and a half years it's finally starting to wear off.  And now that I'm pregnant with No. 2 I needed something new for the second kiddo to get used to.
I ended up with Adele's 21.  Love that girl's voice.

Izzy approves.  She has declared Set Fire to the Rain as her song, and demands to hear "her song" over and over again.  You guys should see her when it comes on.  Hands and arms moving around ala Mariah Carey, belting her little heart out the best she can. 

It is hilarious!

What song are you guys listening to lately?


  1. Don't laugh, but I really like the tween band, One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful"...I finally caught up to this decade and I like a teeny bopper band...lol

  2. ha ha! LOVE it! emmy is my little singer, too- lately she is a huge fan of firework, call me maybe, nicki menage (however you spell it).... yeah, she's got sweet taste! she loves the pop/backbeat stuff! she loves rihanna, though i don't let her listen to anything totally icky.

  3. My Little Bug (a 9 year old boy!) waffles between One Direction, Maroon 5's Payphone and Call Me Maybe for what he'll sing once he's on American Idol :) LOVE IT!

  4. So sweet! I love that Izzy loves Adele too! She's one of my favorites. My daughter has gone completely mad over One Direction. I love the soundtrack from the movie Drive.

  5. Just this past weekend, we were in the car and G said, "MOM, turn the music on!" I just cracked up! I love that Izzy is rock'n out to some Adele

  6. So adorable!!! We're definitely into Adele around here, too...and Maroon 5 & I always loves me some Dave Matthews...;)

  7. That's too funny! Gotta love a little miss that adores her some good music! :)

  8. That's hilarious. How cute! My 4 year old is way into the GoGos. We listen to them all the time. :)

  9. Did you hear about how Adele helped a little girl out of a coma? Her parents were going to pull the plug and her mom laid down next to her, started singing Adele like they used to, and the little girl smiled. Now THAT is a voice!!

    My daughter hasn't even been attached to songs but she will tell me "go back" to another station if she hears one she likes. For the longest time it was anything country but I did listen to a lot as it was the only music video station we had when we was little and I'd watch it while breast feeding her. Carrie Underwood is a good one that she likes.

  10. That's too funny. Both our kids love that song too. It's funny how you don't even realize they know a song until something comes on the radio and they start dancing and belting it out. There's one right now that they sing all the time that may or may not be child appropriate. Okay, it's not. But it's on the radio, so they pick it up. The tunes are catchy and that's what sells 'em.
    And FYI, I'm CD's all the way. I don't have any sort of device that stores downloadable music. So I'm "old school" too. :o)

  11. This is totally hilarious...mostly because my two little ones are obsessed with "Rumor has it" and would belt it like nobody's business, only they thought it was "Wumer habit". Awesome sauce. My kids' kryptonite is scratching their backs or arms...they turn into mush like *that*. Double awesome sauce. (c:

  12. I love this song! She has amazing taste. I just had a picture of her and sammy ditching us in 13 years to go out. Do you remember the Thanksgiving...or Christmas Tami took all of us girls to Towne West to watch a movie? I can't remember which one...but it was so much fun.

  13. Ohh, love Adele! Great taste! It's one of my own favs right now.


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