midwestern sewing girl

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Today you guys can find me guest posting over at Maggie's place, Midwestern Sewing Girl!

Here's a little hint for ya ;)

While you're there be sure to enter yourself into Maggie's newest giveaway.  Imagine not having to think about dinner for 3 months!  3 months people!!!

See you there!


  1. Shelley I am seriously crazy in love with this project. Would you mind I copied it exactly??? It's the perfect piece of art for my living room……I have a wall I have tried a million things on and haven't loved anything there yet. This is perfection!

  2. OK, so what a cool project! I just want to "Single White Female" you, without the murder part, and just copy everything you do! You rock my friend! BTW, how are you feeling??

  3. So awesome! I bet you could even throw some pink dots in there! ;)


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