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Monday, May 7, 2012

New month, new...

Today I'm thrilled to have Sam over from The Peak of Tres Chic!

I came to know Sam when she started leaving me the sweetest comments on my blog.  WARNING - if you leave great comments I'm likely to blog stalk you in return ;)  You want eye candy that will have you pinning to like a mad person - she's got it.  Want a dose of fabulous - get over there right. now. 

Want proof?  Check out her ridiculously glamorous boudoir...

Seriously.  What major organ would you give for this headboard?!

We're all yours Sam!

Hi Crazy Wonderful readers!  I'm Sam and I blog over at The Peak of Tres Chic.  I am so thrilled to be posting on Shelley's blog today sharing what's in my bag!  Shelley is such a wonderful person, and I am thankful we have connected on the blogosphere.  My go-to purse these days is my LV tote bag.  

I love it because it fits all my papers and files as I rush between work and school. I recently made a career change from energy to interior design- (a big change!)- and have been working full-time at a residential interior design firm.  I am also going to school at night to get my interior design degree.  This bag is perfect for juggling all my things throughout the day.  I bought this bag after I finally resigned from my energy position and decided to chase my dream of becoming an interior designer.  I had been so scared to make a switch, and when I finally worked up the courage, I treated myself to something special to remember my bravery!  It was totally worth it.  

Here's what's in my bag:

My wallet, iPhone, aviators, Chanel lip gloss in #146 (it's the best!) and lipstick in #46.  I also have my school ID, Bath & Body Works Vanilla Noel hand sanitizer, and Mac powder.   Trust me, I realize that hand sanitizer is Christmas-themed. I am so obsessed with this particular scent that each year when B&BW does their Christmas lines, I pretty much wipe out the shelves.  I also have a key chain by Kate Spade that says "Away We Go!" on it.  It's so cute!  

I know it probably seems like my bag is pretty empty.  I keep my keys in my car and like to keep as little as possible in my purse so that I have room to carry work and school files around during the day.  Erika Bretchel over at Small Shop Blog shared this iPhone case in one of her posts and I just loved it!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what was in my bag!  Thanks again for having me, Shelley.  I am so honored to be here.  I hope you will all stop by The Peak of Tres Chic and say "Hi!"


Ok... did you see her nightstand?!?!

Of course you did.  It's amazing.

Ok, first off, kudos to Sam for having the cojones for going after her dream!  That's so exciting!!!

I absolutely adore that glossy red wallet.  I've been rocking the same wallet for the past 10 years if you can believe it.  This has me thinking it's time to upgrade to something fun with color.  I'm beginning to think I'm the only one in the world with a filthy purse.  How in the world do you keep it that pared down???  Even if I was trying to make room for work and school material, I still couldn't keep it that clean.

Thanks for stopping by Sam!


  1. Thanks for sharing Sam!

    Mrs. Delightful

  2. You and me both sister, I can't keep my purse clean to save my life! I have gum wrappers, and bandaid wrappers along with receipts and loose change. No wonder the inside of my purse always looks so beat up! :)

  3. I really need my bedroom to look this pretty!
    Found you via The Peak of Tres Chic and I'm now following!

  4. This is good purse organization inspiration. I want a nice clean purse...and a new wallet. And that bedroom...killer. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Awwww you are just the sweetest and the best. Thanks for having me today lovely! I had so much fun putting this post together. :)



  6. Don't worry, Shel, the filthy purse is a form of "mommy-itis", I've got it, too (c: But I think I'm kind of obsessed...with that keychain! I know, right??? Of all the fabulous things that Sam shared, *that's* what I fixate on. But I'm pretty sure I would give up a kidney for that headboard, *fabulous*.

  7. What a fun post! If only my bag was that organized! I usually have problems trying to find my lipgloss bc it is covered up by junk! Amazing bedroom!

  8. I love those white and pink patterned pillows! And I keep seeing colorful wallets everywhere... I think I'm officially inspired to get one for myself!

  9. Ha, I wish the inside of my purse looked like that! I usually have a Mary Poppins type of purse, and it takes me a while to find anything in there, and also, I think my purse must weigh nearly 20 hurts. Thanks for sharing...and lovely headboard btw.

  10. Love all of these pictures! I especially love the red LV wallet!

  11. OMG...that HEADBOARD! So fabulous!

  12. Love this!! Thanks for sharing Sam- fab bedroom too! Don't worry Shelley- my purse is always messing, unorganized, and full of trash and receipts!

  13. i absolutely adore Sam! She really is the sweetest! Oh, and that LV tote is it!


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