hunting down the winged unicorn

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I did it.  I finally hunted down and snagged the winged unicorn, aka the fiddle leaf fig.

It was the most ridiculous search, much like trying to find something that never existed.

I got a lot of, "Good luck.  If I can't find one, you'll never find one."  So, I took it as a challenge.

It may not be one of the tall tree like versions I've had my eyes on, but that's ok. 

{via Pinterest via ???}

All I was after was to add a little life to this corner of the living room, and I think he fits in just fine.  And if all goes well he'll grow up to be like the big kids above!

And, look ma!  I've not killed it yet, it's actually growing!!!  Another win for  me :D

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What do you guys think?  Are you still in love the full leafy loveliness of the fiddle leaf, or are you sick and tired of it already?


  1. Way to go girl. Looks like you enjoy a good challenge. I will never tire of them. So pretty and natural!

  2. Congratulations! It does look very pretty. When did this whole craze start though? I'd never even heard about this plant/tree until I started perusing blogs.

  3. Love it - I've not been able to find one yet :(

  4. Where did you find it?? I was in West Elm last weekend (columbus, oh) and they had one in the store and no one working knew where it came from and, of course, they wouldn't sell me theirs. I may have pouted on my way out.

  5. i love it! never even heard of it till now.

  6. I have seen that plant in so many magazines....way to go!....My house is void of indoor plants right now, looks like you have raised the bar and I may need to catch up! HAHA! So tell us was it $$$$, in light of it's "aloofness"?

  7. Thank you for finding me so that I can now be your newest follower! I am loving that room! and what a gorgeous plant. :)

    lauren rebecca

  8. I love it! I think it looks great, I really need to add some plants to my home decor!

  9. That is one beautiful plant. How gorgeous! Are they rare? I only ever see those in home decorator's magazines! =)
    Kristina J.

  10. Oh I love it! I now have two...although one is struggling. Yours gets a lot of light, which is good, but will probably go through water a lot faster than you expect. Just keep an eye on that. :/

  11. I've been looking for a while because I think plant life can add such a nice element to a room. I ended up getting a peace lily and I love it. I had been looking for the fiddle fig for a while too. I'm wondering if maybe Terrain might have one, but I haven't been there in a while to check. Hope you are enjoying your new plant as much as we are.

  12. They are beautiful. They are full and green and still in love!

  13. I love it, all those big green leaves! And I adore the fact that they are easy to care for, an absolute *must* for a plant murderer like me (c: And I'm still chuckling over your high/low post from today...but only because my mornings usually sound *exactly* like that!!!


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