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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing weekend!  I'm nice and relaxed... and burnt.  Just the way it should be I suppose ;)

So... I'm not yet half way through my day and I've already experienced my high and lows for the day.

Carpets got professionally cleaned!  Woot woot!!!  I feel like a new woman.  It has been on the to-do list for a while now, and I'm THRILLED to have it finally crossed off.

Pup is in confinement for a few hours until it dries.  He could care less as long as he's got his bed.

Not one hour after the carpets were cleaned, raspberry jelly found it's way from Izzy's mouth to the living room carpet.  WHY???!!!!!

Good thing I bought their expensive spot cleaner :/

Time to relax with a nice, ice cold beverage... or not.  "Why you're not an ice cube!"

Our ice maker has apparently decided to eat itself.  Looks like a new refrigerator is on the horizon.  Awesome.

Thank God I'm still on Cloud 9 about the carpets being cleaned ;)


  1. so sorry about your fridge! do you have a home warranty? we have always had one and twice have had to replace appliances.... when we did we opted to get credit rather than have it replaced for a cheap model. when we got our new fridge at our last house we got a $600 credit and purchased a much nicer fridge!

  2. A perfectly placed ficus plant is perfect for jelly spots don't you think?? Ahhhh that Izzy, little home wrecker. I've got three of those myself :)

  3. You can get the ice maker fixed, but we've had ours break at least twice and it's not cheap!! We opted to buy bags of ice for now! :)

  4. Oh no. Those lows are not fun. So sorry! :(

  5. Are you sure that didn't happen on Monday? That sounds like a Monday kind-of-day. But what were you thinking with that raspberry jelly, momma?! Hahaha

  6. We're getting our carpets cleaned tomorrow and I am SOOOO excited!! Can't wait for this house to feel like a new woman!! ;)

  7. We cleaned our carpets yesterday too! But did it ourselves, ours are so bad it's not worth spending the money to have someone come in, can't wait to get it out of here someday.

  8. Baby wipes are awesome for cleaning those little carpet spots!

  9. I don't know why that always happens - I swear every time I get my car washed my kids spill a drink within the first hour!

  10. Woohoo for clean carpets!!!! I feel your pain with the lows....our washer broke and then 6 days later, our ac went out...let me tell you, 3 hours of a 90 degree house is the worst.

    Have you tried folex carpet cleaner from home depot? Only $6 for a huge bottle and works on everything from carpet to upholstery. Love it!

    Xx. Patience


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