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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's reveal time!

But first, let's take a quick trip down memory lane.  Here is the main before photo of my dining room before I started tinkering around with it.

And here we are right before the challenge with some changes already in place.

Week 1 - inspiration photos

 {via Pinterest via Elephant Prettiness??}

Week 2 - decor

Week 3 - paint

Week 4 - fabric

The Reveal!

A little before and after action for quick comparison ;)

How do I feel about my color choice?

I definitely wanted to challenge myself, that's why I went with pink.  And a challenge it most definitely proved to be!  Pink was a HARD color for me to work with.  As in yelling, "I HATE pink!!!", literally pulling my hair out, and throwing my fists up in the air numerous times :D

I absolutely adore pink when I see done well in interiors, but I just feel kinda meh about it in my space.  I definitely think it's an improvement though.  My plan is to repaint the walls gray.  That just might be the ticket to making me feel differently.  And... maybe switching out the curtains that not long ago was completely in love with.  We shall see!  

I will say, it's nice to step outside your norm and try something different.  I don't think I would have done it without this challenge, and for that I'm grateful :)  BIG thanks to Suzy and Jessamie for putting this whole thing together!!!

Be sure to stop by and check out the other fabulous bloggers involved to see their final reveal!

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We want to see what you guys have done!
Did you join in and bring a new color into your house? Link it up below!  Then, check back next week to see some of my favs.  The Color My World Link Party is being held on each of the participant's site, so if you link up to one it will be found on all of the blogs listed above!     


  1. duh. Pink is better. No exceptions! You did so great getting out of your comfort box. You might just start placing pink all over your house now! xoxox

  2. Pink looks fantastic in this room. I love your light fixture! Megan

  3. Okay I know you feel "meh" but I love the shot of pink in here! It's so fun and lively!! Especially because it's in small doses - I love a little pop of color.

  4. I love that chandelier! so pretty and yet a little industrial!

  5. In love with the pink touches in your room now! Still can't get over how perfect those pink lumbar pillows are for your chairs! Thanks for joining the challenge, Shelley! So fun!

  6. I still love that painting. It so cool and it's not super sweet pink. It's a very modern cool pink. Great job!

  7. I think the room really comes alive with that pink in it. I love all the changes you made also. Painting the room gray would also be really beautiful. Those colors really compliment each other.

  8. love the pink in your dining room. i am adding hot pink to mine and i have gray walls. i like it more than "meh" so maybe you will too.

  9. I think it looks lovely, especially the pink pillows!

  10. Loving it. I think the pillows make it. And that painting is fab!!

  11. I love the pink in your space! It makes it so much livelier and fun! :)

  12. I'm liking the pink! Hope to see gray walls on here soon. ;) This was fun and glad I got a chance to meet you and join in the challenge!

  13. I love the bits of pink! Everything you did in your dining room is great!

  14. it's amazing how bright and happy that pink looks and how much life it adds!

  15. The room is just flawless, Shelley! Love the pops of color and new upholstery! Beautiful job! Now, can ya come do mine? =)

    Kristina J.

  16. I think the pink is super fun. I don't think I have a single pink thing in my house. And that's sayin' somethin' with two daughters! My favorite part is still your painting. I just love it.
    I linked up the two things in my house that are my favorite color. GREEN. :)

  17. Just found your blog on 6th street design - congrats on the post - I LOVE the zebra in your dinning room and the pops of pink - my fav combination!!!


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