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Monday, April 2, 2012

Today I'm excited to have Kristina from Kristina J. over for this month's

Kristina has an amazing sense of style.  The pieces she puts together (and makes because she's insanely talented like that) are incredibly gorgeous and feminine, and makes me wish I was wearing it right now.  Seriously, would you not love to see this hanging in your closet?!

You can also find killer tutorials on her blog that will having you adding to your Pinterest boards like crazy.

Let's check out what's inside her bag!

It's so awesome to be visiting on Shelley's beautiful blog. I have loved her beautiful photos and DIY tutorials since I first discovered her several months ago. Today I'm sharing the contents from inside my fave Fossil bag.  Actually, looking at the pictures, I was proud of myself for it not being too cluttered.  I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to magazines and flyers, but thankfully, the pile was minimal for this feature.

I treated myself to this bag for a recent mission trip to South Africa.  I wanted something large enough to hold my camera as well as airline tickets, so I wouldn't have to carry two separate bags through the airports. This bag did the trick.

I know, I know. My friends always laugh when they see my little measuring tape, but a measuring tape is essential for the DIY-selver.  You just never know when you'll need the exact measurements of an item you spot while out and about in the stores!

Thanks for having me Shelley!  It was an honor to be here.


How perfect is her bag?!  It would seriously look amazing with any outfit in my closet, and would make everything look pulled together with it's structured shape.  Adore it.  And, I'm crazy about having memory verses right at hand in your purse.  Definitely need to do that.  Also need to get myself a notebook - oh how that would make life easier!

Thanks for stopping by Kristina!

And, be sure to check back tomorrow as I have something fun and exciting to share with you!!!  Here's a little hint...


  1. She's a cutie! Can't wait to hang during the challenge tomorrow!

  2. I love everything in your bag. I must say that I have a small, antique measureIng tape ithat was my grand mothers. I carry it everywhere because you never know! I think of her every time I use it :-)))



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