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Thursday, April 26, 2012

You know the story.  You fall in love with a room in a magazine or Pinterest and you show it to your husband or significant other.  You're met with "The Look" - a mix of confusion and disgust.  "Don't tell me you actually like that room?  No way... no way is that going down in our house."

What the heck doesn't he like about it?!?!?!  It's GORGEOUS!!!!

Jessamie from Bird and Branch Redesign did a super fun post with her husband where she showed him some of her saved rooms and got his take on them.  Absolutely hilarious and totally interesting to hear a husband's take on design.  I wanted to play along and do the same :) 

All images are ones that I've saved to my Pinterest boards for one reason or another.  His response, completely unedited, follows below.  Enjoy!

I like the Thai "motif" they have going on.  Elephants are central to the culture in Thailand.  They need to get rid of the light fixtures.

Totally love it.  It's a nice mix of modern and rustic.  Would totally live in a place like that if my wife would let me.  Preferably on 160 acres.

Hate the windows, reminds me of an interior of a Southern Baptist church that has been redone.  I'm color blind, but I can still see lime green and I hate it.

Hmm... I think the decorator has a sick obsession with killing animals.  And they have the perfect opportunity to expose the beams in the ceiling to give contrast to the room.

Really like it.  Really, really like it.  Looks clean.  I like the desk.

Totally kicks ass, but could do without the zebra.  Not a big fan of the table, but I hella love the floor, like the color.  The table's really hokey though.

Umm... the focal piece is bad art.  Probably a fan of James Bond movies.  My grandmother had a table like that in 1970 - needs to be updated.

Too white.  Bed's pretty cool, but shouldn't there be a roof or a sheet on it?  It looks like you're kinda living in a cage.  I really like the design over all.

Egh...  Other than the great portrait of the dog, the room is hideous.  I hate robin's egg blue.  I think it's just ugly.  I think it lacks taste.  That's all I have to say.  Just don't like it.

Badass.  Other than the Marriott hotel looking bed, I really think it looks badass.  I like the room more than I like the furnishings.



I'll be linking this up to Bird and Branch Redesign today.  Head over to hear other guy's responses.  Should definitely be some good laughs!


  1. SO fun! i did this today, too- i think the men in our lives love rustic wood. i already knew that, but this little test put the seal on it.

  2. This is too funny !! I might have go do this!!! Lovd all these pix by the way!!!

  3. Great post Shelley -- I have to agree with Mike except I'll do it in far fewer words:
    Couch, nothing else.
    Desk, ceiling.
    Lose the dresser.
    Perfect (minus the rope chandelier).

  4. Love this...the husband's responses are all great! How could you not like robin's egg blue?!?!? BTW, my husband had a gigantic, antique wooden desk like the one your husband likes above. I made him get rid of it!

  5. This is so funny! The james bond posters were the best part. Are you ready to live on 160 acres? ;)

  6. Love it. These comments sound so much like what my husband would say about them! And P.S. you should really work that color blind thing to your advantage. Although, if he know's robins egg blue, he can't be too color blind, so maybe that's a bad idea...

  7. Funny... I should do this with Thomas...he seems to hate everything I least until I force it on him and then he concedes... He doesn't understand why I really don't want his opinion! LOL.

  8. LOL! hilarious!! I feel like every one of us can relate. My husband and I have only been married less than two years, and I think I was blown away that he had so many opinions about home decor. I didn't remember my dad ever caring and was wrong to assume that all men were like that. When we went to register my husband didn't want stripes on our bath towels! I picked out some from PB that were tan and white striped, and he tried to say no. I was like do you REALLY care what our bath towels look like!?! haha He's now given up...thankfully!! He even tells me he likes what I've done. :)

  9. I'm gonna have to try this with my boyfriend, for kicks of course, because I'm vintage, he's modern straight lines, OCD, total opposites. Hi Shelley, I'm Connie at, your new GF friend. I would love it if you stop by and be my friend, too.
    Thanks for sharing this, it was enjoyable!

  10. Too funny! Mike had some pretty good observational skills... I'm impressed!

  11. Ha! Love his responses! My husband does the same thing, he has this problem of loving my MIL's taste which isn't horrible but it's very country with lots of red, green, and yellow! Thankfully I've swayed him more in my direction the past few years.

  12. Reading these posts has been so much fun. Men really hate zebra print don't they? I'm not sure what that's all about. I laughed about the fact that he's color blind but could still tell it was "lime" green. I could almost feel his disgust-Ha!

  13. This is hilarious. I could read these all day. LOL

  14. This is awesome! Overall sounds like the hubs has a good sense of what he likes! He even uses some good design terms! Motif, modern, rustic! Exposing beams!?! I'm impressed! :)

  15. lmao! FIrst of...I cannot believe Mike used these terms/words: motif, design, robins egg blue, focal piece, interior. I am astonished. I think he may be a little gay. Perhaps that why I love him so much. I am totally doing this. PS. Mike if you are reading are a very strong manly man...I am taking back my first with Shelley you would have to know these terms. I hope you forgive me.

  16. His comments rock! Gotta love a man's perspective - the lime green couch comment - ha! love it!

  17. Michael WestermanApril 26, 2012 at 9:55 PM

    Thanks Amy! Stick around next week to preview the emergency survival bags (aka zombie apocalypse bags!) i have put together. Give my best to your family!

  18. pretty pictures! i really like that black and white striped rug - read your feature at 6th Street today - your home is beautiful!!

  19. Haha, too funny. I REALLY wanted to participate, but the hubby was working late all week. He did say he'd do it... soon. So, here's to a future post from my hubby!

  20. This series is hilarious! It has been funny to see all of the hubs responses to design. I think mine would have said the exact same things!

  21. Haha, this post is too funny. I would love to try it with my husband. I'm sure his responses would be very similar to yours.

  22. Hilarious and I can't wait to do the same "interview" with my hubby. He's an engineer, but a designer wannabe. I love it when they throw in decorator terms they've obviously heard elsewhere but have not a clue what most of them mean! Still giggling... :) Love that he said the red table needs to be "updated"!!


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