honey!!! I need more soap!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I am sooo tired of yelling for more soap or more toilet paper from our master bath.  Ok yes, I could be proactive and prepare a little better.  But, sometimes it just doesn't happen.

More often than not I step into our shower before I realize we're out of soap.  UGH!!!

Then it's either yelling for help, or when alone (or completely ignored) I have to run through the bathroom soaking wet over to the extra soap.  Water gets tracked all over the place, and my absolute Fear Factor moment happens - loose hair stuck to the bottom of my wet feet.  Total. Freak out.

But no more!

Thank you Beth at Home Stories A2Z for giving me a quick and easy solution for DIY floating shelves!

Here is the most boring before picture you will ever see.  This is the completely unusable space above our toilet, right next to the shower.

Yep... didn't even bother watermarking it.  If someone really wants this photo, they can just have it :D

Here's the now completely useful shelving that will keep me sane!

Priorities are now close at hand :)

And hey, the toilet even looks prettier!  Although I am now getting a chuckle out of the photo I put on top - a large rock in water.  Bwah hahaha!!!

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Head over to Home Stories A2Z for the tutorial. It's ubber easy.

So I've got to ask, am I the only one that freaks over loose hair??


  1. My husband does all the time! But your makeover looks great!

  2. Sounds just like me! The shelves look great and are the perfect solution!

  3. Ha ha ha. I can't stand hair on anything. I clean out my brush after every use. When I see someone pull a comb or brush out of their purse and there's three years of hair wrapped around it, I throw up a little in my mouth.

    Side note, I had to pee yesterday, but waited three hours for The Dad to get home 'cause we were completely out of toilet paper. lol

  4. And somehow that comment turned into "all about me". BAH! The shelves are awesome. :)

  5. Loose hair on wet feet = total freak out.

    Now I'm hoping that your bars of soap don't get dusty/collect hair = total freak out for me! LOL!!

    Looks great, though! I have similar shelves!

  6. I love how classy your little tray of soaps look! :) The shelving looks great there! Really fancied up your bare space!

  7. Love what you did, where did you buy the floating shelves? I'd love to try it in my bathroom!

  8. If you have a tiny bathroom like me the soap is always within reach...toilet paper however is kept in the kitchen closet. It makes guests feel uncomfortable when I walk out with no pants on but whatevs.

  9. ps. the shelves are lovely. Muah!

  10. Love it! What a nice way to display needed bathroom items. It's a great idea -- my kids and husband are always asking where they can find soap, toilet paper, etc. If I were to display the items they way you did, they will be sure to find them! ;)

  11. I love the bathroom rock art, ha ha. I made a DIY painting with the word "sigh" on it (I love the word) for the bathroom and didn't really think about the reference until 1,000 people commented on it, lol.

    Anyway, the shelves look great! PERFECT use for that space.

    P.S. this is what I'm yammering about: http://dans-le-townhouse.blogspot.ca/2011/06/diy-text-painting.html

  12. That looks so good! And, it's so practical too!! I had to laugh when reading this, as I was just yelling for soap this morning. Apparently, my husband used the last crumble of soap left and didn't feel the need to replenish :)

  13. I love this solution. I need to put it on my to do list. Right now we have other shelves that are a much higher priority, yet in line behind other things. haha. So, my toilet paper is in a basket next to the toilet.

  14. i hate loose hair SO MUCH! It totally freaks me out.

  15. Looks amazing! Really changes that space. Shelves are such a simple fix, and I love the way you styled them!


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