color my world - week 4

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Here we are!  Last work week of the Color My World Challenge!

This week we added color to our spaces through fabric.

I made pink lumbar pillows for the chairs flanking my sideboard.  This was actually the first thing I completed for this challenge.

(Psst... they are actually the same color - just photograph strange)

I wanted something patterned, but couldn't find anything local.  I would have just ordered fabric online, but pink is one of those colors you want to be sure of.  As the first round of solid pink fabric I brought home made the dining room look like a champagne room (if you know what I mean).

I would have LOVED to have made pillows out of this Manuel Canovas fabric.

You can pick up 10 yards on Ebay for $2,999.99.  Seriously.

Sooooo... that's not going to happen.  I found some other fabric I was sort of toying with.  But, I'm not sure which looks better - the solid pink or the floral.  What are your thoughts?  I'm tired of looking at it and need your help :)

Stay tuned next week for the room reveal! 

And, if you want in on the fun, get your posts ready for the Color My World link party starting next Tuesday!

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  1. Nice job yet again! It ALWAYS makes me happy when I see someone put a little bit more pink in their space. It's just so fresh and pretty right?

  2. first of all, you should just go ahead and splurge the 3k for fabric. i would. ;)
    second of all love the pink on the chairs! i am partial to the floral- i think it is more interesting with the zebra, and i like it!

  3. Awesome, girl! $3K for fabric - that's nuts. Even if I had it, I don't think I'd ever feel alright about that. I like both in different ways - probably sounds like a cop out answer. But it's true. I can't decide!!

  4. I vote for the floral! I love the mix of patter with the zebra! Maybe add the pink solid to the heads of your dining chairs! Anyone would be nuts to spend $3K on fabric...

  5. So pretty! I love the solid pop of pink but maybe you can use them both and change up your dining room over the course of the year. That shade of pink looks fabulous in your dining room Shelley!

  6. Love the shade and shape of the pillows! I should have done pillows....but seriously, they look so good in your room!

  7. Love the soild pink pillows!~ What about adding some black trim on the 2 sides?

  8. I like the solid pink! I like Jamie and Vashti's idea of some trim on them. Or even a monogram added?

  9. I vote solid pink. But, that MC fabric is pretty amazing! How do you justify $3000 for 10 yards!?!? I was browsing some other MC fabric on ebay and saw those prices too!

  10. I really need to learn how to make a pillow. Yours look amazing! I've always loved that Canovas fabric, but waaaaay too expensive. My vote is for the solid's such a nice pop of color.

  11. I absolutely love the lumbars! Aren't you just falling in love all over again with your dining room??? Pretty soon you're going to be hanging out in there just for funsies because it's your favorite place in the house (c:

  12. I am voting for the floral, I love the mix with the zebra. Although the pink by itself looks good too but the floral adds some interest. I know what you mean about ordering fabric online, that is why I am a fabric failure this week. I just ordered fabric, now lets hope it works out this time!

  13. I love the floral too! Can't wait to see the room reveal.

  14. My vote is for the pink, love that against a zebra fabric!

  15. Definitely the floral. It works so well with the Zebra!

  16. I like you style :) Lets be blogger friends.

    Thanks for your posts, they're great!


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