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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Well hello.

I don't normally post anything over the weekend because, well... I'm just too lazy and would rather hold the couch down ;)


Izzy's big girl room has been selected as one of Project Nursery's Project of the Week!!!

It's kinda ridiculous how much stuff like this excites me :D 

They've selected 4, and the room with the most "likes" by Monday at 12pm will be honored as Project of the Week!

You can visit all 4 rooms by clicking here.

Or you could go directly to Izzy's room (because you love me SO much you don't even want to bother checking out the other spaces no matter how fabulous they might be) by clicking here ;)

Vote for the room you like by clicking the "like" button found directly above the room's photo.

Just remember that those who like Izzy's room will receive donuts everyday for the rest of their lives.

K, I'm out.


  1. That's so exciting Shelley! Her room is darling and it looks like Izzy is thrilled with it as well. I'll head over to vote!

  2. First of all, you have no idea how much I love donuts. I'll send you my address. :o)
    Second of all, that's SUPER awesome and I'm SO excited for you!
    Third, Of course I "liked" it!

  3. woo hoo - huge congrats.
    you totally deserve it - the room is gorgeous.
    cheryl xox.
    p.s. off to vote now!

  4. Donuts? Okay then!
    Naw just kiddin I would have voted for Izzy's beautiful room anyway!

  5. How exciting for you! I will be voting for you, of course!

  6. I expect donuts to be here in the morning.

  7. I check back often to see if you posted a tutorial for that headboard yet.


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