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Monday, March 5, 2012

Time for this month's

I have the lovely Andrea from Oak Ridge Revival over today!

I just adore Andrea.

And she always comes across the best finds.  Like this fun ghost chair...

This roll down map...

And, since I've still got little girls rooms on the brain, check out her daughter's room

Be sure to check her out, you'll love her too :)

So, let's see what's inside her bag!

I adore Shelley and her blog, Crazy Wonderful.  She is crazy talented when it comes to DIY projects and she's wonderfully charming as well.  Seems like her blog is appropriately named!  I love this monthly series of hers and was so excited when she asked me to participate.  Here goes....

My sweet husband does a great job of picking up on hints I so cleverly drop.  
My latest hint was dropped in this blog post of mine from January.  
That charming man reads every last word I write, even though he is most likely bored stiff reading about my current paint color obsession or the latest thrift store lamp I purchased.
Nonetheless, he's a patient man and my hint dropping has been working out well.

He surprised me with this purse on my birthday in February. 

The inside of my purse looks similar to the inside of my house, neat and tidy, with minimal clutter. 
If things start to get out of control in my purse, which they often do, 
I take everything out and get organized.

This is what is currently in my purse. 
A wallet, a cosmetics bag with a few essentials, my coupon organizer, an emergency sewing kit, a small notebook, hand sanitizer, hand cream, a tape measure, my I-phone and some aspirin.

These are my make up must haves, concealer, lip gloss, lip stick and eyeliner.  

My friend, Heidi, gave me this fabulous hand cream for my birthday.  I never leave home without it. 

Being a lover of fine any wine, this is also a must have in my purse.  
I have been known to spill a glass or 25 of wine in my lifetime. 
I once spilled red wine on someone's wedding dress, again on someone's white sweater and just about every bridesmaid dress I ever wore is stained with wine.  I may or may not have ruined a good friend's carpet with wine, but really, who's keeping track?  Perhaps it is my dancing that is the problem.  
Most of these incidents occurred while I was dancing and holding wine.  Yes, let's blame my dancing!

I had to drop hints for a while for this gadget.  Not sure how I ever lived without one.  
I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's the best thing ever invented (so far)!

That's all folks.  More often than not, I have a few matchbox cars, ponytail holders
 and used kleenexes in there, but that's no fun to look at. 

Thanks again for having me, Shelley. 


Well, looks like I'm going to be cleaning out my purse.  How in the world do you keep it that tidy?!

I LOVED the wine story too :D

Thanks for stopping by Andrea!


  1. Visiting from Oak Ridge Revival - love finding new-to-me blogs. Your daughter's room is adorable - I'll have to catch up on that post. And Andrea's bag is so tidy - I'd be horrified to whip out my belongings right now.

  2. Looks like Andrea has the essentials covered - Crabtree and Evelyn's gardener's therapy is something I carry all the time, and of course, a coupon organizer is a must. Amazing wine stories :) . Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have a Wine Away bottle in my purse too!! It's the best product ever! I love this series - so fun.

  4. Maps and ghost chair! Amazing!


  5. Andrea - I can't believe how organized your bag is! Mine looks like a tornado is still swirling around in there! I try to clean it out every couple of weeks and usually fill a target bag full of garbage every time!

    Not only are we thrift shop twins separated at birth - but also wine spilling twins! I spilled an entire glass of red wine on my white pants when I was at dinner in San Francisco and had to hang my head in shame as I walked back to the hotel to change! Then, I spilled a glass on a rug at a friends party (hmmm, no wonder I haven't been invited back)!

    Off to clean out my purse now!

  6. I have to admit the contents of my purse are very much the same. You have to love someone who carries around a tape measure as an essential!

  7. Love Andrea! I'm not surprised her purse is so organized! I think I need to go clean mine out right now.

  8. Great bag...we love a lot of the same products = )

  9. I love Andrea too! I am jealous of the bag. Period. I think we all have a tape measure in our bags...we must know dimensions at all times:)

    Amy R.

  10. Good ideas! I like the way you express your idea and the topic you choose. KEep on your sharing! I appreciate it. cloth wine bags


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