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Monday, January 2, 2012

Well hello again!  I feel like I've been away FOR-EVER.

I would have been back to posting soon after Christmas, but with my husband home over the break we've just been going non-stop.  He talks about how he just can't wait for a break so he can relax at home.  Then when he gets a break, SEVERE cabin fever sets in about 3 hours later :D

Anywho, I'm back and I missed you guys!

I'm starting off the new year with a new

Today my super fabulous cousin Amy is over from Green Eggs and Hamm!

I truly can't say enough about this amazing woman I'm so lucky to call my cousin.  She's the girl that can pull any and everything off because she's so flipping gorgeous and fabulous.  She's just plain cool and a BLAST to be around.  If you didn't love her so much you'd hate her ;)

Amy's blog has a little taste of everything including sewing, and thrifting.  And, if you enjoy thrifting, be sure to check out her Etsy shop too.    

So, let's see what inside her bag!

It's Amy again from Green Eggs and Hamm.  When Shelley said she was doing a series of "what's in my bag" I knew I was down.  I have to be honest though, I cleaned my purse out about a week ago so it is usually much messier.  I can't even front!  

 I love my bag.  I got it at Nordstrom for $25 in the BP section.  The strap is long enough to wear cross body and perfect for my thrifting adventures.  It will have to do until I catch Shelley slipping and can steal her Louis Vuitton while she has her back turned.  You really can't trust family (my mom and her dad are twins!).  Maybe I will visit her and bring chocolate...and bulk, or chocolate wine.  

So here it is:

Victoria's Secret lipstick in red and hot pink.

Burts Bees chapstick

lip gloss

eye drops

a pouch for coupons, discount cards, rarely used credit cards (found it at a craft fair years ago)

socks - one of my babies
Gum (that I have to hide from my gum stealing daughter)

Thank you cards for teachers 

Joanns coupons (of course)

US Magazine-it's all true you know (from the library because I am cheap and frequent the library weekly)

Wallet from Target

Car wash voucher that will be used asap

a stylus I bought for my Ipad but haven't even used.  It didn't come with a tutorial.

Uncharged Ipod, because charging it would be too easy

Gigantic hoops-I have  always worn giant hoop earrings, it makes me feel shorter.

Necklace with ballet slippers (mine when I was little, now my daughter's)

A tire to something?  Lego's maybe?


Washers-got them for a project...lived in my car for a couple months, now my purse

Cell phone with broken screen.  Child #1 says child #2 did it and vice versa.

That's it! Am I boring or what?

Thank you Shelley for having me over!  I adore you and your craftiness and as always your fabulous hair!  Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!  Here is to reaching all of your goals and waking up each day like it's your birthday!


Shelley again - So, I really want to know what she's planning on doing with those washers.  Necklace?? Bracelet??  She's so crafty.

Thanks for stopping by Amy, I love you!  And, if you come over with wine and chocolate you can have anything you want!!! 


  1. that is one sexy bag! i love the structured shape and handle with the soft leather. and the perfect colour, to boot.


  2. That bag is ADORABLE! Did it come in black??? :)

  3. Just found your blog- what a fun series and your daugther is adorable!


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