dreaming of a handmade christmas

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A few months ago I decided this year was going to be a handmade Christmas for this little one.

I figure it won't be too long before she gets to the age where handmade is no longer cool.  I better enjoy it while I can!

There are so many awesome ideas floating around blogland, and my Pinterest board for her is now stuffed full of ideas.

Here is some of what's inspiring me.


Sock Monkeys

Play Tents

{via Pinterest via Armommy}

I really need to get a-crack-a-lackin if I'm going to get stuff made by Christmas.  I'm so far behind!

Are any of you giving handmade this year?  Have you already finished everything and have it wrapped, or are you like me and are just now getting started?



  1. I LOVE that adorable tent. My kids have spent countless hours inside tents during our long winters, pretending, reading, snoozing! And you are right, the time will come when they want very specific brand names so enjoy this time with Izzy while she's little! {Those eyes! Such a cutie!}

  2. So cool! I love the sock monkeys and the tent! These are the gifts that she'll cherish forever!

  3. We are juuuuust getting started on the Christmas gift-making. I thought we were pretty brilliant when we got the whole family to sign on to only give homemade or free gifts this year, but I forgot that we have to actually, you know, MAKE the gifts.

  4. I love every last one of those handmade dolls...the sock monkey just does it for me :)

  5. Those are great ideas, handmade gifts are the best gifts. Thanks for visiting and for the sweet comment on my tree.

  6. Izzy is soo lucky! Your homemade presents will be the best! Also I appreciate any time that the phrase "crack-a-lackin" is used. :)

  7. Ooooh!! Such great ideas!!! Loving the monkeys and that tent is perfection!!! I have it pinned too. :)

    Xx. Patience

  8. That is such a sweet and beautiful way to do christmas! And then not only will she have something totally unique, but it will be a keepsake. I *love* this idea!!


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