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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Today I am so excited to be guest posting at

Aubrey has such a beautiful blog filled with ubber amounts of eye candy.

She also has a fun series called How to Make Your Home Your Own.

Click here to visit her amazing blog and see how I've made our house a home!


  1. I am loving your great eye candy. Your home is simply gorgeous! You are so talented.

    I am your newest follower!!

  2. Totally in love with your house...still reeling from all the beautiful details! Wow!

  3. I absolutely loved your guest post. What a beautiful home you have. So elegant and welcoming. :)

  4. Shelley girl, thanks so much for guesting yesterday!!! It was fantastic and everyone adored it, of course!!! (c: Sorry I'm so late in commenting, we still don't have internet at our new house, blast you Qwest!


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